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Cambridge Diet SS - Days 1-4

Sorry haven't been posting on here lately, just seem to be on the main Cambridge Forum Website, anyway.. here's my diary so far :)

Day 1:

OK, woke up this morning absolutely knackered after a few days away in Edinburgh, I have been stuffing my face full of naughty food all week, and a lot more than normal - as I knew I wasn't going to be enjoying food for a long while. Today has been daunting on me for the last two weeks, I was excited too though, just didn't know what to expect. So anyway, the time came and I went to meet my Counsellor - which I am glad to say she is very nice and friendly :) - got my shakes, soups, porridges and went through all the starting off stuff was there for an hour. Got home really hungry as I hadn't eaten anything, thought I'd try the Chicken and Mushroom soup, which is quite tasty considering what I was expecting. Anyway. So that's one meal down, 2 to go.. The only thing I really hate the idea of is having to drink 'just' water, I *Never* drink just water on its own, I really don't like how bland it tastes.. But hey ho, I am going to try the hardest I can - 2 and a quarter litres of the stuff sounds impossible for me! But lets see how I go. So, Day 1 and I am sooo hungry! even after my soup. Just glad Bryan is here to help out and keep me company or I might munch at the cupboard, or even the cupboard door! I love the fact I can run off to MiniMins or Cambridge Weight Plan forums though and look at before and afters!.. Really inspirational and gives me a motive!...
Lets hope I can cope with the rest of the week! before going cuckoo!

Day 2:

OK day one was kind of easy actually, apart from when my fiancé and my son where eating their gorgeous smelling chicken burgers.

Day 2, I actually woke up satisfied (not hungry)... I started off with a Choc shake - which was a bit hard to stomach as it was a bit too sickly for me, I then went on to have a Vegetable soup which was yum actually, and a Strawberry shake for my last one - which was even more sickly, I think next week I am going to get more savoury, and just have shakes for my middle one - lunch time. The porridge actually filled me up quite well yesterday too! So I will get some more porridge too!..

Anyway, today has been fantastic - no dizziness whatsoever or anything negative - didn't have it yesterday either for that matter - I really am finding this a doddle so far! and my fiancé has been cruel and eaten lots of chocolate and food around me, and my son had crisps too, BUT I found it pretty easy to handle today I was able to watch them eat and not give in!..

The only thing I really am having problems with is my water, I can't drink my 2.25litres of water a day, I can't stomach it, I really don't like water without flavourings, so I have contacted my
Counsellor and I am going to pick up some Cambridge water flavouring tomorrow!...

On another positive note, I have lost just over 4 whole LBS!... [[ IN A DAY!! ]] - I mean, how amazing is this diet! - oh and I bought myself Twilight: New moon to celebrate, as I haven't seen it yet!

Day 4 - (Didn't do day 3)...

orry I missed out day 3, went for a drive out!.. Was fine though and a breeze! :)
Day 4! I have been naughty and got the scales out again, but...
This is starting to become reality!.. I know I have a lot to loose still, but this is amazing!..
Not really been struggling with Sole Source, not suffered any of the usual side effects like headaches and dizziness, feel a bit tired but that's it.

Still liking to have porridge for breakfast, shake for lunch, and soup for dinner :)
Had a Potato and Leek soup yesterday, I think that's the only one I really dislike, as it is very salty.
Overall, AMAZING diet, happy diet-er, and enjoying seeing the scales coming down.

OH, and I am now in the 20's (Stone) :) WOOOOO! First time for probably about a year!
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