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Miss Louise

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My name is Loo, and I'm a food-aholic.

I'm sure you have heard it all before but for the last 12 years I have been successfully losing weight with plans like Slimming World and Weight Watchers, then even more successfully putting the weight (and more) back on. Everyone's got to be good at something, right?

I have always shied away from the Cambridge diet as in my head, I know it is not the healthiest of ways to lose weight....but I can't argue with the satisfying results it produces...and that's what I want - RESULTS!

So on the 4th January I started my 12 week journey into liquid food hell, er I mean heaven! I know this is going to be the hardest diet I have ever done, so I have started this journal in the hope that keeping some sort of diary will help me keep things in perspective, and hopefully a bit of feedback and cheering on from anyone willing to read it will spur me on.

I started this diet at 17 st 7 lbs. It shocked the life out of me, and made me cry. I will share with you how much I lose each week (possibly each day too!), and I've taken some photo's to reveal when there is a noticeable difference.

I really wan't to do this initially because we are going on holiday at the beginning of April, and I can't wear a cossie whilst there is a chance I will be scooped back into the sea having been mistaken for a beached whale, but my second reason is the most important. I am the heaviest I have been in the past 6 years. It's hurting my knees, it's making me short of breath, I'm uncomfortable all the time, and it's turning me into a hermit.

So join me on the journey into locating my waist. I need all the help I can get!!!!!

Week 1 - 10lb loss :D:D:D
Week 2 - 6lb loss :D:D:D
Week 3 - No WI - cdc having a baby :sigh:
Week 4 - 6lb loss
Week 5 - 6lb loss :D:D:D
Week 6 - No WI - working a late shift :cry:
Week 7 - 7lb loss :D
Week 8 - 5lb loss :eek:
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Miss Louise

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OK. I'll get you up to date as I am now in week 4 of my Cambridge diet journey. I'll do it in a few posts.


My first weigh in. Cue tears, £50 out of my pocket, and a box full of powdered foods. Yum. Not. :sign0137: I didn't start on a very good note by trying the porridge first :9529: followed by a soup :9529:

I soon realised that I only really liked the shakes, but as I had a box full of allsorts, I had to finish the week gagging every time I had to eat something other than a shake!!
My other issue was the water thing. My cdc said "the more you drink the more you shrink", so I aim for 4 litres of water a day. A hard task when you are a train driver...

"I'd like to apologise about the delay to this service, but the driver has started a new diet, and needs to pee a lot"

As the week went on, all I could do was think about food. And dream about it too. Also day dream. Food! Food! Food! Food on the telly, food on my OH's plate, food eaten by colleagues at work, blimey, even the dog gets a bowl full of food everyday!!!!

Then the bad breath struck. I smell like a donkey!! No, worse...a donkey's arse!!!!!! For the past 3 weeks I have been paranoid about how much I stink. I carry around a breath spray with me, have to clean my teeth about 6 times a day, and mouthwash is my new best friend!

Towards the end of the week, I started thinking it wasn't for me. I dug out my old ww books, and more or less decided I was going to stop after my WI.

When Penny, my cdc came to weigh me and I found out I had lost 10lbs I could have thrown a party (with no food or drink of course!)

So onto week 2 it was...


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I read your post with interest and glad I did because you have such a way with words!!! I'm not actually doing cambridge anymore but I wanted to reply as I noticed quite a few were reading but not responding. I wish you all the very best, it's not the diet for everyone, but you have a fab incentive (your holiday) and I look forward to seeing you're gradually reducing pics. Go for it hun!! x

Miss Louise

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Week Two (much easier)

I started week 2 with more motivation, and still riding high off my 10lb loss.

I had stocked up on shakes (just the shakes, and nothing else!!!), and was told that I would soon start to feel full of energy, and I would stop thinking of food.

Well I did find this week easier - there is no denying that. I can honestly say that I wasn't hungry, but MAN I could still eat. My OH has been banned from eating take away's, but I didn't really think it was fair to ban food from the house completely!!! So meal times continued to be a bug bare for me. I made him wash up the second he took his last mouthful so the smell didn't linger, and any treats he wanted had to be consumed whilst I was on the loo (considering the amount I had to pee, this was often), or after I had gone to bed!

I also discovered this week that my hand blender was worth it's weight in gold! How had a got through a week of lumpy shakes when I had this baby in the cupboards!?!?!? My life was about to become easier!!!

Food continued to plague my thoughts though. Pizza in particular. I love pizza. It is my favourite. I now salivate at even the thought of it, but I remained strong. My OH has strict orders not to tempt me, as in the past we haven't needed much convincing before we reach for the pizza menu.

When the time came round for my WI, I once again felt like quitting and doing WW instead. I hadn't had my rush of energy as Penny seemed to think I would, and I certainly wasn't feeling 'euphoria' which it suggested on the website, but when I stood on the scales, and saw that I had lost 6 lbs, I decided that it was worth carrying on with.

I also had to buy 2 weeks worth of shakes, as Penny was due to give birth and so the next 2 weeks I would have to go alone...

Miss Louise

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WEEK THREE (Chicken gate)

So off Penny went to have her baby, and left me with two weeks to play with. Now, normally at WW, I would have had a little 'treat' (or a big massive pizza shaped one), but with CD, you can't cheat. It had been suggested to me that I moved up to ss+, but I didn't want to. When I woke up the next morning, I was so glad I had not given in, but the thought of food continued to torment me.

I chatted to friends, who told me not to cheat, I thought about it, decided they were right......and then I made my OH (under duress) drive me to KFC. I don't really have any good excuses. I reasoned with myself that KFC was better than pizza, so therefore I was taking the healthy option (it's funny what you can convince yourself of when you want to...isn't it!).

The chicken and chips were delightful (did I mention I had chips too???), and when I woke up the next morning, and weighed myself to find I had only put on 1.5lbs, I decided it was totally worth it.

That bloody KFC weight stayed for 4 fricking days. I couldn't shift it!!!! To be honest, when the weight started to come off it was probably a good lesson learnt, as I know that I won't crack so easily again.

AF was also due, and I was retaining a lot of water, so although I didn't have an official WI on Monday, I think I lost about 2lbs. A bit rubbish really, so I'm glad I can bundle it up with this weeks weight loss and hopefully get something wonderful next Monday!!!!

Miss Louise

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So there you are...up to date!

I hope I have not been too boring, and feel free to stop reading at any point, as I do like to, in the words of Led Zeppelin, ramble on and am likely to post every day.

This week has been bad so far. My hormones have turned me into a mad woman, and I have randomly shouted at people (both friends and strangers...oops!), but I am starting to feel better today. I have always fed my hormones before, and found that starving them is counter active, but I HAVE NOT CRACKED!!!!!! I feel like a deserve a pat on the back for that, as I have been so tempted!

I have 2 days off now which I always find hard, and unfortunately I eat when I am bored. I can't go out and exercise, as I am still feeling fairly low on energy, and even going for a long walk can make me feel a bit dicky, so I am going to spend most of it sat on my bum doing nowt.

I am on day 23 of (officially) not eating, and 10 weeks today I go on holiday! I will not stop until I can fit comfortably into my white 'holiday' trousers!!!!


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Hi honey me again. Where do I start? I won't beat you up about the KFC as I expect you've done that enough yourself. What I WILL say though is this, when I did Cambridge (and I lost 5 stone on it) I had this mentality that after weigh in I would treat myself......and boy did I! Anybody in the way of me when I was running into Morrison's got VERY short thrift from me! Joking aside it was the worst thing to do.....apart from the fact that it's 'against the rules', it send my blood sugars and hormones absolutely CRAZY!!! Because these changed so rapidly I was a total b**ch! Even to the point of road rage big time, falling out with neighbours, fighting with total strangers......I was HORRIBLE. Eventually I went to the doctor to have blood tests because I was convinced that I was going through an early menapause until she quite nicely told me it was because of eating carbs (and lots of them) when I'd been on Cambridge. Oh also after stuffing myself with the above mentioned carbs I fainted, on the petrol forecourt. In front of everyone. Please PLEASE stick to it if that's what you choose to do, get out of the habit of food 'treating' yourself, and remember that you get into ketosis and as soon as you eat carbs you knock yourself out again, 3 more days of headaches and hell. Is it worth it???? Will be watching you lol, as I say I'm not doing Cambridge anymore but will still support you as much as I am able (if you would like me to that is lol) xxxx


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Hi MissLouise, your posts are really great to read! I started on 6th January & for the first 17 days stuck to it religiously. Then wine and the munchies got the better of me :cry:. Boy did I suffer, that was on saturday & on sunday I felt so rubbish. Having felt so rubbish I'm hoping that's enough to stop me doing it again. I've got my 3rd weighin tomorrow & am dreading it. Up til then I'd lost 15lbs in 2 weeks! Keep your posts coming!

Miss Louise

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Thanks ladies, I need all the hand holding I can get!!!!!

I certainly wont be treating myself again in a hurry. I didn't think I could possibly manage 23 days, but here I am, and I'm actually feeling alright about it! Ok, so I'd still love to eat, but I can't argue with the science, and this is going to be the fastest way for me to lost the weight.....so continue I will...
hey just wanted to pop in and say hi after reading ( and chuckling a few times ) your diary ! Like others have said , draw a line under the KFC and learn from it , but its done and we all fall off the wagon from time to time , its getting back on that is the important part :)

Good luck with the reat of your journey :)

Miss Louise

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I have spend the last few hours reading other peoples diaries, and I feel so inspired!!! Suddenly the 8 and a half weeks that I have left on ss doesn't seem so intimidating!!!

My hardest times are when I am bored. If my mind is occupied, or I am at work, then it doesn't concern me at all, but my days off (like today) seem to drag. I'd quite like to do exercise, but even a half an hour walk seems to knock me sideways...so sitting in front of the telly is the order of the day!!! I am hoping that as the weight comes off, I will find exercise a bit easier.

I have had a little whoosh of weight loss over the past couple of days, so I'm hoping that my next WI (Monday) will result in 8lbs (from over 2 weeks). I have set a goal of 4lbs a week, and I am hoping this isnt too ambitious, but that will make me in the 13's when I go on holiday.

No matter what, by April, I am going to look less like a beach ball, and more like....um........a slightly deflated beach ball!!!! ;)


on the shrink.!!
Hey Louise, just sat and laughed my leg off reading ur diary. Ur writing is so witty. U seem to be getting a good grip on this diet. Good for you. Keep it up Hun xxx

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Miss Louise

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Day 25 of the Cambridge diet! Who would have thought I would make it this far??? Not me!!!

I managed a 45 minute power walk in my break today, and I didn't even want to curl up and die when I finished!!! Fabulous! I also managed to avoid standing on the scales this morning (ok, ok, I forgot - I was up for work at 5.15!), so I am hoping to give myself a nice surprise when I stand on them next.

Friday and Saturday night's are my nemesis, so I know I will struggle over the next couple of days. I have banned my OH from take aways, but that leaves a pizza and wine shaped hole in my weekends. It feels odd to be sat around not indulging (gorging) ourselves, so I might suggest going to the pictures tomorrow night. The only problem is I'm not sure I can go the length of a film without going for a pee!!!!!

Miss Louise

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Ive had a great day today. Ive managed to avoid the scales again this morning, so will all my willpower, I'm going to try and do the same tomorrow, so I will have a lovely surprise on Monday evening! Well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed anyway

It's the dreaded Saturday night tonight, so we are going to the cinema, but as it's a teeny tiny family owned cinema, you have to watch what is on, rather than choose, so tonight it's The Kings Speech. At least it will take my mind off food. Hopefully!!!!!

Keep your fingers crossed I don't pee myself!!! That could be very embarrassing!

Miss Louise

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Film was brilliant! It held my attention fully (which is a tall order for me), and I would definitely recommend it...AND......I didn't have to pee half way through...result!!!

Miss Louise

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Well, Ive just had my WI. I wont lie, I'm gutted. 6lbs. SIX MEASLY POUNDS OVER TWO FECKING WEEKS!!!! I feel like I want to cry. She told me I could have it as 7 if I wanted as the scales couldn't make up their minds between .12 and .13, but as it settled on .13, I don't want to cheat myself out of that lb when I might as well start this week off by being nearly a lb down. If you get me? Cricky, some days I don't even get my rambles!!!!!

On the plus side, I am now into the 15's, so that's a nicer number to see at the start of my weight, AND as my aim was 4lbs a week, I am technically still on target as I lost 6lbs 2 weeks ago, 6lbs today, so over the 3 weeks, that works out as 4lbs a go. Great news!!!! I still wanted 8 though (OK, I'm lying....I wanted 10). Humph.


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Miss Louise,

6lbs is a great loss :) don't be so hard on yourself! You should be proud!
Well done xxx

Miss Louise

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This week is going to be the week of no exercise! Nothing! No walking, no shopping, no doing the twist whilst train driving, nada! When I stood on the scales last Thursday, I had lost 5.5lbs, and between then and yesterday I lost half a lb. The only thing I did different.....exercise! I had a couple of long walks and lots of twisting etc, so I've managed to convince myself that exercise is the devil, and should therefore be banished for a week (for scientific purposes!).

I'm not weighing myself this week (hopefully), a I don't want to get my hopes up again.

So today I tried the tetra packs, as I thought they would be easier for my shifts, and so I bought 4 chocolate ones but they are horrid! They taste so odd, really gross! Has anyone tried the strawberry, or banana ones? I don't want to write them off completely as they would be dead handy, but I cant have any more chocolate!


this time - the last time
Ooh banana tetras are all I eat! Yummy! Taste just like a yahoo milkshake!