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Cambridge - how many packs/bars?

Hi guys

Due to start Cambridge (swapping from Lipotrim) on Saturday and am planning which ones to get! Can someone confirm if it's 3 "meals" a day or more/less? Is it okay to have a bar every day or do we need to restrict them? Any advice/recommendations welcome? What is a definite no-no? Do the bars taste okay??

Thanks in advance:confused: :confused:
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Queen of the Damned
Depending on how tall you are, it's three or four packs per day. One of those can be a bar. Check out all the flavours to find your favourites :) Good luck :D
Thanks DQ - was wondering if you would be first to reply!! you are great and always there for peoples questions!! Thank you!!

I'm 5 ft 8" - who decides??
If you are a woman and under 5' 7" tall you have 3 meal replacements. You can have 1 bar a day - after the first 2 weeks. They are lovely!!!! We also do mix a mousse which makes a nice change from soups/shakes and tetras - ready made up shakes in little boxes.


Queen of the Damned
Thanks DQ - was wondering if you would be first to reply!! you are great and always there for peoples questions!! Thank you!!

I'm 5 ft 8" - who decides??
Lol, my rep proceeds me!! :p

Discuss it with your counsellor. I would recommend having four per day cos I am 5 ft 8 and I have four and my losses are good (thank you CD!! :D ) but since you are moving from Lipotrim you might find you are ok with 3 :cool:

You must try the chocolate tetras frozen, cos they make gorgeous ice cream!! :D
Thanks Flirty, 4 seems like a lot really. If I can get by with only 3, do you think that would be okay? I don't really get that hungry (thanks to ketosis) and struggle to get the shakes down me at the moment, but drink tonnes of water!! Hoping it will be a smooth transition from LT to CD - will try and get by on three and see how I go I think!! Want to lose this weight!!!!

Thanks again for the help
Great DQ - will remember that about the frozen tetras .. going on hols to Portugal on Sunday and ssing all the way. Bringing packs with me, so the frozen tetra sounds just fine!!!

Hope all these new flavours are tastier than LT ... what are the soups like??


Queen of the Damned
Oriental chilli -scrummy, with bits to chew, lovely taste

Spicy tomato - strange pink colour, but very tasty and warming

Broccoli and cheese - soothing, creamy, very much 'wintry' food

Mushroom - very nice, lovely smell

I haven't had the veg or chicken & mushroom for a while apart from as crisps!
Crisps .. now that sounds interesting .. . do they resemble real crisps in any way, shape or form???

I can see I'm going have to do lots of research on extras I can do with these packs!!!


Queen of the Damned
Oh they are better than walkers, honest!!! :D The way I was taught to make them (thank you Diva and Genie :D ) you make a very thin puree, then use baking parchment. The most I've managed is something like 40 crisps from one pack - yum!!! :cool:
Do they go in the oven then? If so, for how long??


Queen of the Damned
microwave - will bump up the recipes thread :)
Fab thanks - going to print out and take on hols with me!!!

Really looking forward to starting CD now!!


Queen of the Damned
Nice one mate - shout if you need anything else ;)

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