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Cambridge ice cream!!

I was told it would effect the nutrition actually and to only do it if i fancies a treat and would have to have another shake to compensate. Im not 100% sure of the science behind that though so worth double checking. The mousse is gorge, choc mint is best ooh nom xxx
Thanks shrinking violet,

Will look it up on my next weigh in! Cant stand mint but would love to try it with chocolate orange!!

Btw- eid Mubarak to u too (slightly late out!)
Yeah I heard that aswell, There are warnings about freezing or cooking any of the meals (apart from porridge) on the official forum. It basically says its a no no. :cry:
Sounds like a fab idea, I love the tetras! Shame about losing out on some nutrients but its still better than falling of the diet!

I just got the mousse myself last week and its luuuuuuuuuuuuush! heard its best with chocolate tetras too so might try that at the weekend :)

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