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Cambridge is fantabulous!

Hi fellow cd'ers

Been on CD (restart) for 3 weeks and have lost 18lbs:) so far and overall 70lbs since starting CD last year but had to stop mainly due to money issues.

I've posted a few times on the 100% forum but i've not really been 100% so thought i'd better post on here instead. I've only picked 2 or 3 times on some chicken - nothing suicidal but I know I shouldn't do it but all the same it's not put me off track or tempted me to pick on anything bad. I think when I did CD first time round last year I really learnt a lot about my food habits etc which I believe is how I managed to more or less keep off what I had lost.

I was just thinking about things earlier today and how far I've come with my weight issues etc and I realised that now at 24 yrs I actually weigh much less than I did when I was 11 years old when I weighed a stone more:eek:. I've always been big and when I was in my teens I was at my heaviest at over 18 stone. At the time my doc prescribed me Xenical but I only lasted 2 days on them, couldnt handle the side effects. I wish I had knwon about CD then!!!

The CD has been a god send to me, it's really changed my life and given me so much self confidence and belief and even though I still have more to lose to get to goal I'm really so happy about myself as a person. I've had a few negative comments from people about losing weight so quick and how unhealthy it is etc but it doesn't bother me 1 bit what they say - I know it's safe and I'm doing this for me and above all I feel so good about myself. Funny thing is the very same people used to have a go at me all the time about being over weight and how I needed to lose weight etc :rolleyes:

I'm gonna try now and do the rest of my weight loss journey on CD 100%, no more picking. I think I should spend more time on here, keep me occupied!!

So to everyone just starting or struggling - this diet DOES work and believe me you'll feel so good when you reach your target - just stick with it and if you have a blip just pick yourself and get back straight on it!

Sorry for the long post!!!
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Cambridge Consultant
Hey Charlies angel.
Just wanted to say you have done so well... and I agree with you I love the cambridge diet I think its the best and it has changed my life too......
Well done you for coming back to finish off.. thats great.......... I am sure you feel fantastic and really confident too..
Good on you........ CD ROCKS XX


Gold Member
well done hun x

I am restarting tomorrow after having a very relaxed May beginning of june due to lots of reasons

I am going back to cd because it works! and when I am in the zone I stay in the zone heehee (I spend all my time on here rofl!)

good luck for the rest of your journey x


Full Member
Thanks Charlies Angel, it was so good to read your story...gives me hope I can achieve the same results. Have a great week
Thanx Berryred....not long to go till you reach target, good luck on your journey too!!! I think I'm gona start spending more time on here too lol, especially on weekends and evenings keep my mind busy!
Hi Imagasil - I'm glad I can be of some inspiration. You've done really well so far, you'll be at your goal weight before you know it. Time really flies, it doesn't even feel like I've been on CD for 3 weeks, only seems like yesterday when restarted!

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