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cambridge or LL

Well there's 2 parts to this one, one being how much can you afford as Cambride is £30+ a week and Lighter Life is £66 (I do LL so only know the cost of this one of the top of my head) - also whether you feel you need the counselling side of the programme which you get with LL. Some people do and some don't - both diets have the same excellent results weight loss wise as long as you stick to them, diet wise I don't think either are better than the other.... oh you do get more choice pack wise on Cambridge too from what I've read.

Good luck with whichever you choose.
Hi, Cambridge is around £35 per week if you're under 5'8" tall. It has more flavours and the general consensus is that the meals taste better than LL. But of course many people are happy with LL products.
LL is £66 and includes a structured counselling course.
I've done both and much prefer CD as I like the flavours better and didn't like the structure of LL. I'm never going to be perfect at losing weight and need a more relaxed approach and there is an option to have a meal while still staying in ketosis and losing loads.
i have done both and much prefer LL. I think the couselling is great and the bond you build with your group is fantastic. I really like the LL products and think it is more than worth the $66 a week involved. I was unlucky with CD and got a dreadful counsellor.

Both diets achieve fantastic results
Personally I'd say Cambridge ~ but then of course I'm biased because I'm on it and haven't done LL. I didn't want the whole 'Therapy / Counselling Group' thing, so CD suited that purpose. Also CD has more choice when it comes to the shakes and bars, not sure if LL has the Tetra's (premixed shakes) either.

From the responses you've already had and no doubt others that may follow ~ it is kinda a personal choice unless money is a factor, in which case you may opt for the CD route, or if you feel you need to benefits of group counselling and the group support then you're likely to favour LL.

Location or access to a CD or LL counsellor may also need to be considered ~ but whichever you choose you'll find they both do give you the same remarkable, quick weight losses.
I have noticed that most people who do LL do swap to CD . They say more choice on CD and money , But with CD you do get some help from your CDC , but more from LL , maybe thats where the extra money is coming in for them ? anyone , any views ?
The fact is both diets are absolutely fantastic.

I have done both of them and they are great so whichever you choose just make sure you choose one of them and change your life for the better/healthier.

CD sachets banana, butterscotch, cappuccino ,chocolate, chocolate mint, fruits of the forest, strawberry, toffee and walnut , vanilla , and new choc orange . sachets savoury- broccoli and cheese, chicken and mushroom, mushroom(lactose free) oriental chilli, spicy tomato, vegetable . Bars caramel , choc, cranberry crunch, orange, peanut crunch, Toffee , Tetra Briks Banana Bliss , Choc velvet , water Flavourings , sav vegetables , summer Berry , Sunshine orange . Bars are about 2 pond , Sachets 3 per day 36 pounds a week . Tetra briks 2 pounds . water flavorings per tube 6 pounds . mix a mousse per tub 3 pounds . Women under 5ft 7in= 21 sachets per week . women over 5ft 7in and men = 28 sachet per week ------- Confused lol Now for LL you will have to ask someone what they do
Here goes but you know I'm gonna forget something
Shakes - Raspberry, banana, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, toffee or caramel (not too sure which as I don't buy it)
Soups - Mushroom, Chicken, Thai Chilli, Vegetable
Bars - Lemon, Toffee, Nut Crunch, Fruit
All the above are part of the £66 you pick and choose (28 per week), they're all the same price
Water flavourings - Fruits of the forest, and a lemon/orange one - £9
Savoury drinks - £7 (I think)

Hope this helps
I would add that it depends how much you have to lose. Personally I have done both I started on LL and am now on CD, I had about 7 stone to lose , I lost the first 4 with LL and the last two with CD and another stubborn stone and a bit still to kill. Now this is controversial but if I had my time again , I would do Cd to get the first 4 stone off then swapped to LL for the last 3 stone so that I could have gone straight into thier excellent mangement course and benefitted from the counselling and group support at the end when you really need it. At the beginning you lose so much weight so quickly that it is all the motivation you need to begin with (and mininis and your CD for support). I did LL foundation first which was really good with the same great group of girls every week, but then found I had to go into the development phase to get to goal before entering the management , and for me development was a big let down, and a chink in the excellent LL armour. I felt I was just in a kinda ever changing ' holding group' where you are in a limbo untill you are able to pass on on to the re- introducing food phase, which isnt too bad if its just for a few weeks , but I had months to do and it just wasnt for me. Just my opinion of course , it depends so much on individual circumstances.
I would do Cd to start if you have more than 3 stomne to lose , then swap to LL , although you wont find many that do that because to start paying more for your packs than you are used to would probaly be difficult along with the more limited choice of flavours and options.
Gosh Lola...what a difficult question. I lost almost 4 stone with LL and swapped to CD. My reason wasn't the cost (CD costs me £50 per week as I get 4 packs), but that I found the LL range quite restricting particularly as I was allergic to the bars. I think that which one is right for you will depend upon your own food problems and mind set. I had a real food addiction and I needed to understand my emotional triggers for comfort eating...I think the LL counselling really helped with that. I hated group meetings at WW in the past but found the LL group a safe haven, and very supportive. On LL everyone gets 4 packs a day (it isn't dependent on height) and to be honest I wouldn't have swapped to CD if I was only getting 3 as I couldn't have coped! My experience of CD has been a positive one too, the range of packs and bars are much better, however the counselling element hasn't been in any way comparable to LL.

I found heavencanwait's post really interesting as it just shows how different we all are. I could never have lost that first 4 stone on CD, I needed the counselling and the group work I got from LL. However, I feel I've made the right decision to swap to CD now that my mind is in a better place.

I hope some of the posts here help you make up your mind! Let us know what you decide!

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
It's completely down to personal choice, i've done both LL & CD. To be honest i prefer CD as you have the flexiability of different stages plus only ssing (sole sourcing) for 4 weeks before having a AAM (add a meal) week then back to ssing, i personally prefer the falvours & the bars are to die for!!!!

For me personally i didn't feel i benefitted from the counselling on LL (also towards the end of my 100 days i started to have problems with my LLC) the positive side was on LL you are i groups & it's lovely to meet people doing the same thing as you, our group bonded really well & we had a great laugh each week!

CD is cheaper than LL & the diets are both very much the same, at the end of the day i would say if you think counselling would help you go with LL, if you don't, go with CD.

As i said before it is a personal choice but both very good diets!....xxx
for me personally its CD. i just cant justify £60+ a week when with £35+ i would spend that anyway if i went to the supermarket and went to say a ww class for example. when i did cd last time I got more than enough support from my cdc and made some good friends on here so dont feel i need to spend more just for a group councilling rather than a 1 to 1.

i really dont understand why people go with LL to be honest when CD is as cheaper as it is...HOWEVER .... completely respect anyone's decision in what they decide to do!

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