Cambridge weight plan - April 2014 start - any buddies to share my (hunger) pain?!!

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by cwp2014, 17 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. cwp2014

    cwp2014 Full Member


    Well, day 3 of cambridge weight plan comes to a close! I am so motivated and excited for my journey and can't wait to see where I end up!

    I have never joined any forum sites or blogs before so am not familiar with all the functions and abbreviations!

    Anyone else just starting cambridge who would like support or a buddy then I would certainly appreciate it! Though I'm not sure how all this works?

    start weight: 14st 13lb
    height: 5ft 6in
    goal: 11st

    Super good luck to everyone on a fat burning ketosis mission in 2014 xx
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  3. clairey92

    clairey92 Member

    Hi it seems we have much in common. I too have just completed day 3. (Sole source). I feel great not been hungry at all and am also very excited to have started my weight loss journey.

    This is my first ever forum too, so with you on that!

    My start weight: 14st 10lb
    Height: 5 ft 5in
    Goal: 11st or size 12 whichever feels right

    Happy to buddy up! Whatever that entails!!
  4. cwp2014

    cwp2014 Full Member

    Wow! We are like twins or something! Except I'm fatter (according to our stats) teehee!

    Day three today for you too? So why in earth did you start on a Tuesday not Monday then? My excuse : my daughters 1st birthday on Monday and I was not ready to miss out on baking and eating cake!! (Do you think that's a forbidden word on diet forums?!!)
  5. clairey92

    clairey92 Member

    Lol but you are taller! I decided to do cwp sunday evening when my friend popped in. She has lost 21lbs in 6 weeks and she looked like she didnt havent any weight to lose. I was inspired and grabbed the bull by the horns. Luckily I managed to arrange an appt that evening for monday afternoon and started the plan Tuesday morning!

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  6. clairey92

    clairey92 Member

    Happy 1st birthday to your daughter btw. My granddaughter will be 1 year 2 weeks today!

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  7. clairey92

    clairey92 Member

    I just wrote a reply and it seems to have lost it! User error I think. Basically decided to do cwp sunday evening, managed to get an appt monday afternoon and started tuesday morning.

    Happy birthday to your little one.

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  8. cwp2014

    cwp2014 Full Member

    It's ok I think I saw all the posts you thought were missing! I've just had my first shake of the day (banana) and 2 1/2 pints water down already by 8am!! But I have been up since 5am with my youngest :-(
  9. clairey92

    clairey92 Member

    Do you normally have your first shake at that time? I have to wait till about 11 then 2nd at 3 and 3rd sbout seven or I probably wouldnt make it through! Have struggled today but I didnt sleep well at all last night prob only had 3 hours sleep so that made today more difficult. How was your day?

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  10. clairey92

    clairey92 Member

    Weigh in day today for me. If it is yours too, good luck.

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  11. Soci

    Soci Full Member

    Hi ladies,

    I thought I'd say hello, I had a similar start weight to you both, only I am a few months into the diet. I started dieting at 15st almost 4 months ago, switched to cambridge at the start of feb at 14st and am currently 11st 10lbs. I'm 5ft 7 and have a goal weight of 10st - ambitious I know but it's going well! :) I'm only a few pounds off having lost 3 and a half stone in total and a healthy BMI of 25. Delighted! I guess I just wanted to say if you are determined and focused you can do really well on this diet, best of luck ladies! :)
  12. brighton_chick

    brighton_chick Full Member

    Wow that's fab soci!! I'm three weeks in and not finding it too bad :) what step are you doing?
  13. clairey92

    clairey92 Member

    Wow that is an incredible achievement. Very pleased for you. Did you start on ss and if so how long did you do that for? My first weigh in today and lost 6lbs. Feeling a bit deflated as it felt like so much more of a loss!!

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  14. Soci

    Soci Full Member

    I've been on step 1 SS mostly, I did 6 weeks on SS and then 1 week on step 2 and the next 2 weeks I was away on holidays. To my surprise I only put on 5lbs over those 2 weeks even though I ate and drank far too much. I've just done 2 weeks of SS to get me back into it and am switching on Friday after I meet my CWC. I've done enough SS and I'm at a weight where it would be unhealthy for me to stay on it. Don't want to start losing my hair! I'm not sure if I'm going to switch to SS+ or step 2 though. I didn't like step 2 the last time I did it, it knocked me out of ketosis and I felt more hungry than when I was on SS. But I think my CWC is going to say step 2 is the healthier choice at this stage.

    3 weeks in is great brighton_chick, you are defo over the worst. After the first 2 weeks I got my energy back and was feeling much better and rarely got hungry. I stuck with it 100%, never cheated once (well aside from that 2 week holiday ;) ) I seem to really struggle going into ketosis so its not worth it to knock myself out.

    6lbs is brilliant clairey92, congrats! :) I know you can read about people on here with very large losses their first week but given your start weight that is very good, everybody is different. My first week I lost 7lbs, that is low in comparison to some peoples first weigh in but I'm really happy with my overall loss to date. Did you take measurements? There were weeks I didn't lose that much on the scales but lost more in inches, I find that and clothes getting looser even more motivating than the change in weight :)
  15. cwp2014

    cwp2014 Full Member

    Hiya! My first shake is anytime between 8 - 9. Second anytime between 12 - 2. Third anytime between 6.30 - 8. I'm so focused on what I want to achieve, that I just distract myself through any hunger pains!

    I have trouble sleeping this week too!! :-(

    I think negative side effects getting better though...
  16. cwp2014

    cwp2014 Full Member

    6lbs is a great loss!! Be proud x
  17. cwp2014

    cwp2014 Full Member

    Soci - you are an inspiration! You must be so thrilled! Well done, and best of luck with the last shift of weight you want so much! X
  18. clairey92

    clairey92 Member

    Thanks for that Soci. You are right I lost 4 in of my tummy!! Mainly due to water retention but my clothes are definitely looser. Am feeling more positive again now and still havent cheated even when I felt down the other day. I keep looking forward to my goal and have started getting out some clothes I havent been able to wear for a while, that is helping to keep me focused. Day 10 today and feeling rather good! X

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  19. krazzed

    krazzed Silver Member

    You're doing amazing. What losses did you get on step 2 compared to ss? Wad there much of a difference?

    Total loss = 26lbs
  20. Mizfish86

    Mizfish86 Member

    Hi guys i just started this ss diet today and its going well so far just need to keep my mind occupied so i dont think about fooooood!!! Lol just cant wait for ketosis to kick in :) hopefully its soon. Well done to everyone whos acheived so much its not easy by the sounds of it so well done. X
  21. clairey92

    clairey92 Member

    Hi Mizfis The first few days are a challenge but stick with it. I have weighed in today and lost anoher 5lb so that is 11lb in first two weeks. Am absolutely over the moon.

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