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Cambridge weight plan - April 2014 start - any buddies to share my (hunger) pain? Xx

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by cwp2014, 17 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. cwp2014

    cwp2014 Well-Known Member

    New to all this forum stuff and new to cambridge weight plan.

    Day 3 - hunger really kicking in but still highly motivated and focused on my goal

    anyone else just starting cambridge? Anyone else finding the 'spicy' tomato soup not spicy enough?!! (Apparently you can use dried chilli flakes though! ;-)

    super luck to all you awesome fat burning wonders xx
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  3. brighton_chick

    brighton_chick Well-Known Member


    I started step 2 at the beginning of April. Finding it better than I thought I would! Day 4-6 I really struggled, but it does pass once you get into the routine of doing the plan :) what step are you starting on?
    I didn't like the tomato soup at all lol, addicted to the leek and potato ones though- weird but they taste a bit like cheese and onion crisps in my opinion or perhaps just wishful thinking lol!
    Well done on being so focused! :)
  4. cwp2014

    cwp2014 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for replying! I'm on the step where you just have three sachets a day and a rake load of water. I guess that must be a stage behind you!

    Will you you get punishment for mentioning the c word? (Crisps) oooops, now I have!!
    Seriously though thanks for the tip! I will definitely be trying the leek and potato next time I stock up :) (still doing old fashioned smileys as I have no idea how to do fancy ones!)
  5. brighton_chick

    brighton_chick Well-Known Member

    Yeah I tink that's the ss step- I'm still getting used to all the terminology lol!
    Haha I hope not- banished to the naughty corner for the c word! At least I didn't list all the other cravings I'm having lol!
    How are you getting on with your consultant so far?
  6. cwp2014

    cwp2014 Well-Known Member

    My consultant is great. I don't think I'll need much support from her but it's great that she's only a text away for all my silly questions!! How's yours?

    (I'm totally behind the times with text speak, forum abbreviations and diet terminology!)
  7. brighton_chick

    brighton_chick Well-Known Member

    Yeah I know what you mean, definitely in the first few weeks while we're getting to know the plan its good she's about to help. Mines fab- really supportive and always texting to make sure I'm doing OK! I really like that I have someone to answer to each week, so if I am thinking about cheating then I stop and imagine my consultant watching me and what she'd say haha.
    Don't worry, I don't really do the text talk either :) as for the diet abbreviations I'd love to be able to use them but I don't have a clue (something to practice haha)
  8. cwp2014

    cwp2014 Well-Known Member

    Your consultant sounds awesome! Yes, I must admit I definitely need the regime of weekly weigh ins. The thought of someone else seeing my weight..... Eeeeek! But it's positive if the weight goes in the right direction.

    I'm really paranoid that even though I've stuck to the plan totally, I'm not going to have lost anything. Everyone says that when you are in ketosis hunger pains stop, mine still seem bad. But it's only day 4 so maybe I haven't given it long enough. I'm not hungry all the time of course, but when I am, I really am!! Wait... I think I was like this anyway actually, when I was an eater of actual food. So maybe it's just my way!!
  9. cwp2014

    cwp2014 Well-Known Member

    Is anyone struggling to sleep? I'm having trouble getting to sleep and when I do it's very restless sleep, since starting CWP...is this normal?
  10. brighton_chick

    brighton_chick Well-Known Member

    To be honest I've been reading everyone's opinions on ketosis but my consultant hasn't really mentioned how I know if I'm in it so I don't have a clue if I'm in it or not lol! My appetite has been pretty up and down, somedays I'm not hungry at all but other days id eat the kitchen sink!
    How are you getting on?
  11. cwp2014

    cwp2014 Well-Known Member


    Yes, I've read such different things about ketosis too. It's frustrating, much as I tell myself it doesn't matter, I'm still a tad obsessed by it. I think I may go and buy done ketosiks things to test? Have you used them?

    Day 5: it's been much better today actually, not been hungry - despite spending much of the day cooking for my husband and brood! Cooked breakfasts, sandwich lunches and a roast dinner. Totally avoided the Easter bunny and hit crossed buns too! So I feel really happy. Long may this willpower last!

    How are you doing?
  12. brighton_chick

    brighton_chick Well-Known Member

    No I haven't used them- I'm also tempted to try them. Although I think I'd get obsessive over them haha. Let me know whether they're worth getting or not though :)
    Ah wow! Absolute kudos to you girl! What amazing will power! Especially having to do all the cooking!
    I'm doing OK thanks, did have a bit of Chinese on Saturday so was beating myself up over it for the rest of the day lol. Ive also managed to avoid the Easter eggs but had to do some baking at work with one of the people I look after which was hell on earth! Temptation to shove all these cupcakes in my mouth was almost overwhelming haha!
    Well done again though babe-you should be super proud of yourself!!
  13. saravic

    saravic Member

    Hi Kate,

    I joined the SS diet last Monday so on my eighth day of doing it! Day 6 was the worst for me. I felt like crying! However I have had loads of ups and downs. Everytime I feel low I still tell myself I can do it and then have a burst of positivity and feeling great. This sounds like mood swings to me! How are you getting on with it? When is your first weigh in?
  14. cwp2014

    cwp2014 Well-Known Member

    Oh don't best yourself up pet. It's what you do after the wobble that really makes the difference. You know? Where you go from there, continue to 'cheat' or forget it and move on. Sounds like you are doing the latter so well done!! :)

    I LOVE baking. Love it. But I don't think I could do it on cambrudge. I've hung up my apron temporarily. So hats off to you for doing that!!!

    Thank you for your encouragement. It's crazy but it really helps dipping in and out of the site. It's reassuring that so many of us are doing this at the same time together!
  15. cwp2014

    cwp2014 Well-Known Member

    Hi Sara!

    Wow, so we are pretty similar diet timescales, I started Tuesday. Mood swings are fine, as long as they end up swinging the right way! I will always reply on here if you want to vent! I work most days so not always straight away replies, but don't suffer in silence! We are all in this together on here. I'm ok actually. Had a super busy day so I reckon that helps. Except it also means I play catch up with the water later on (meaning 23 loo trips in the night!)

    My weigh in should have been tonight, but as it's bank holiday it's next Monday night. I will weigh myself tomorrow morning so I have it recorded, but the first 'official' Consultant weigh in is 28th.

    I keep finding my weight in the evening 2lbs heavier than my weight first thing in morning. It's so frustrating!! Especially as I know my first weigh in is in evening. Ah well! That's just the natural daily way weight works I guess?!!
  16. brighton_chick

    brighton_chick Well-Known Member

    This is true- it has just made me a bit more determined! Feel rubbish today though, which apparently could be me going back into ketosis. Does sort of make me feel like cheating just isn't worth it, not that there won't be a million more times the thought will cross my mind lol!
    Ah really! I love cooking in general so it's rubbish to be sort of giving up a hobby isn't it! I'm being completely selfish and letting the other half cook his own meals at the moment which isn't going down too well haha :)
    Aw that's no problem chick- it is lovely having people to have a good rant to when it's getting a bit tough! Here any time! :)
  17. karfra76

    karfra76 New Member

    Hi, Im new to this, on day 6 of step 1. first weigh in tomorrow morning. I found this forum as I was feeling very hungry and a bit off and so glad I have found this for some support, as its made me go have a big drink of water and not feeling to off now:).
  18. saravic

    saravic Member

    Heya Kate.
    Your day sounds like mine as of tomorrow! I will be back at work and on my feet all day so I have a feeling I may need to do the catch up water in the evening because I forget to drink!! Good idea to weigh yourself for the first week - at least then you can see the progress better. Also my consultant said you will be 2lbs heavier in the evening because of all the water consumed.
    I too will be on the site in the evenings after work so the same goes if you need to rant too. My worst fear is the school I work at provides lunch for everyone (staff and kids) and they are the most amazing meals!!! That's gonna be a tough obstacle! I am feeling a bit better about the diet but I am starting to feel a bit bored by it. I might try out those different recipes you can do with the powders.

    Do you have any motivating reasons for losing weight or is it just for yourself? Mine is that I am my sister's maid of honour on 17th May and the other bridesmaids are tiny! I have worried about my weight too long and this has sparked it off. After that I am going to continue with the SS (maybe SS+) and lose weight for myself.
  19. brighton_chick

    brighton_chick Well-Known Member

    Its really handy having this forum, you're right! Sort of puts you off cheating lol! Good for you lasting a week- I found first week the worst I think! Let us know how you get on! :)
  20. cwp2014

    cwp2014 Well-Known Member

    Glad you found the site and not a packet if crisps or a crunchie!! That's exactly how I found the site and I do find it works flicking through threads, looking at the success pictures, talking/commenting to others :)
  21. cwp2014

    cwp2014 Well-Known Member

    So true! It definitely puts me off cheating!

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