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Came off CD after 3 days need help to start again!! HELP!

Hey Tara
If you start again and make it to about day 5, you will feel so much better and it won't be so hard, honestly. Could you try again with a goal of making it to 5 days? I've always found it better to have short term goals that are easier to achieve. I know it's hard but I'm sure you can do it.
Hi Tara

All you can do is take it a day at a time. This diet is expensive so you cant afford to mess about with it, you need to give it commitment and the results will come quickly.

As Frejja said, Set yourself a small goal of say 5 days. Try to take the temptation out of the house if possible, and find plenty to do to keep you distracted, have long baths, read a book, clean the house, walk the dog, have an early night..... whatever it takes to keep you occupied and away from food.

Once you get past the first week, it honestly does get easier. Ketosis will protect you from hunger but you do unfortunately have to get through a few very difficult days first.

Good luck.
Hello Tara.

Today is my fourth day of SS. I am taking it one day at a time.

I keep wanting to eat, so I say to myself that I wont eat today, but maybe I will eat tommorow. I let myself think of all the things I will eat the next day. But, when I wake up in the morning, I just think of how good it feels to wake up empty and feeling lighter, instead of all bloated, with a nasty food hangover, beating myself up for not being able to stick to this fab diet.

I spent most of last night fantasing about what I was going to buy in tesco after I drop my son off at school this morning, lol. But, now I feel so good that I have another day under my belt that I am NOT going to ruin it. I want to wake up tommorow with the same feeling. I have my weigh in on firday which I am really looking forward to, as I have thrown my own scales away, so I can have a nice 'surprise'. I will probably start thinking about food later on, but I will just think, 'ok, I will eat tommorow' again.

I know that that approach doesnt work for some people, I may just be a bit bonkers, lol! But its helping me. That, and the fact I only keep a tenner in the house and have given my dad my cash and credit cards for safe keeping! If I want to eat, I have to drive the 5 mins to his house first! I figure it would gve me time to cool off!

Good luck.


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