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Came REALLY close to a blow out...


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Hi people

I just wanted to share something with you.

I finally found Alpen light bars today, after hearing so much about them on here!!

I really wanted to try one so I thought I would have 1. which led to 2 then 3!!

I thought, oh well, sod it i have blown it now!! As I have already used up my sins and now I have gone over.

Then it hit me!! I hadnt had any meat at this point, so I switched to a green day, changed what I was having for dinner and came in 0.5 syns over!!

Yay me for thinking like a pro!! Ive only been doing it since Wednesday!!

Although, Im a litle concerned it came that close, so soon into the diet!
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lol omg!! alpen lites are sooo addictive!! hun you are not alone!!

your weight loss is phenomenal and i'm sure you are very proud of yourself "Miss Pro Slimming World Princess"



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Thanks Simmy, that really made me smile! I havent been called a princess since i was a kid **sits gushing** lol
Wow, check you out!! only a few days in and already working the plan to your advantage!!

its easy to get carried away when your trying somthing 'healthy' and deemed 'on plan' usually a new heb your desperate to try.. you forget that one too many can still lead to one too many syns also.. despite not being what we'd usually see as a danger zone.. such as opting for one cube of choc, and ending up with the entire bar.. if you get what i mean..

iv often over syned on 'healthy' syns because iv gotten carried away with the excitment of somthing new! LOL
P.s gorgeous.. dont panic about possibly 'blowing' it so soon into the healthy eating plan :p
Theres no such thing as blowing it.. your either ON plan, or OFF plan.. and even if youv over synned.. even by a million.. as long as your still counting.. your on plan as far as im concerned. It all a learning curve, plus.. this is for life now.. theres no so soon or after so long where its worse to have a blow out, or come close to one.. this is your lifestyle now.. and you get to pick and chose when youd like a few extra syns, or even a day off. If you see it as falling of the wagon or 'blowing it' enjoyable things that you can still have within your syns get labelled in your head as naughty, so when you next catch yourself having one.. your more likly to think 'sod it' cos you feel so guilty. You can still enjoy all your yummy treats, even within your syn value.


Mrs V

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Thats whats so great about this plan, its so diverse! Well done for changing plans and working out an alternative!
Keep thinking like that and you goal will be closer than you thought!

Thanks Simmy, that really made me smile! I havent been called a princess since i was a kid **sits gushing** lol
lol ur welcome hun! thats the idea of this place - to support and encourage!! and make each other feel good!

oh and dont forget 2 alpen bars are 1 HEXb so if you're on a red or green day you can have 4!! (and yes i have actually done that!!)

even if you do over do them they're not that high in syns and will only cost around 3.5 syns per bar!! real bargain for them choc fudge ones!! yum yum yummm!!!:p

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