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can any one help ??

EXERCISE ; iam in week to and reading all these posts they say you shouldnt exercise but i think i do every day

THIS IS MY DAY ;ian up at 430 and at stables by 530 mucking out 3 horses . then bk home to see hubby off get kids to school . then off to work . home at 12 bk to stables and ride for hour and bring in horses . bk home walk dog and do house work and see to 8 giant rabbits that i breed . then bk up skool and see to kids hubby and then bk to rabbits then me time and bed . i have stopped running thou as wen i did the other night it made me fill bad .

so question is if your not allowed to do cardo can i do yoga ??? etc :p

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ive done cardio from day 1. who says u cant do it?
think alot of people dnt because of lack of energy and some think it will make them go into starvation mode, i dont agree as ive had good losses every week and still do alot of exercise.
x x
yes you can do yoga. Im sure you usually do all that before you started lt did you tell the pharmacist that you had an active lifestyle if you did then there is nothing to worry bout! You just need to pay attention to your body it will tell you wen you have had enough.

I tink if you were to stop doin everything in your normal lifestyle then this diet isnt for you coz you shud be able to do everything you wud normally do! now in the first few weeks i thought dat was a load of crap but now i have energy to do everything i done before but i never done as much as you!

I wud stay away from running thou even if you done it before as it burns to many calories stick to light exercises coz your toning yourself with cleaning up after the horses. Horse riding is cardio so be careful wudnt be very good of you got a dizzy spell while riding!
Everyone seems to have different views & experiences of exercising while on LT. I think if exercise is a part of your lifestyle, as it clearly seems to be, there'd be no reason you should try to reduce what you do!

I think some people, me included, haven't really felt up to exercising while on LT, so the idea of adding extra exercise in has seemed horrible, but, do whatever you feel OK doing - you'll know if you're pushing yourself too far!

thanks for all your posts . so i think the answer is if you feel ok then it ok dont over do it .

Anne marie ; LOL i have torouble enough staying on my cow bag horses the last thing i need is a dizzy spell ..
Hey Lisa, I spoke to my pharmacist about this last week, as I hit the cross trainer in week 1.
She said it's fine, as long as I'm not running marathons etc as LT does not give you sufficient fuel to burn for over-excertion(?) but I felt absolutely fine and that was her only question.

As Anne-marie said, I'm sure you're pharmacist asked you about your lifestyle prior to you starting LT - so they clearly didn't think there was an issue. x

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