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Can anybody explain please?

Not been on here in quite a while due to work etc. I must admit it has really had bad effect on me :eek:. I have gone completely off the rails and cheated on a daily basis!! I checked for ketosis last week (one week into my cheats) and I was still testing positive. Strangely enough, for me this was not a good thing - I just kept eating; wondered how long I could get away with it I suppose:break_diet:

Anyway, just had a sneaky look on the scales and although I had gained a bit at the beginning of the week I have now lost it plus a few more!! Just checked for ketosis again and I'M STILL IN!!!

How could this happen? I was sure I would have knocked myself out and in a sense it is really good news but I'm scared it'll encourage me to cheat more. Has this happened to anyone else? Oh, and when I say cheating I mean proper cheats, chocolate, crisps, bread and I've been doing it for two weeks!!!
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Must do it this time
its never happened to me but the only thing that i can say is that it will catch up with you eventually,so try to nip it in the bud now before it gets so b ad that you cant stop at all!!!
elaine x
Hi there. I'm not on CD but have done it and Atkins in the past. When you say you are still in ketosis, do you mean you are testing with the ketosticks that you wee on?

I can only assume you have a faulty batch as I used to get knocked completely out of ketosis by the slightest 'carby' cheat and I know other people have said the same thing. That being said, you are still losing weight so you seem to be getting away with it - lucky thing!

If you stop losing weight at a reasonable rate you might change your mind about cheating but if it's working at the moment, I think you might struggle to get out of the mindset...

As said above - best get yourself out of it before that happens!


Step away from the chips!
One of the reasons i never pee on a stick lol. I like to trust in the knowledge that if i stick to CD then the ketosis thing is doing its job, conversely i'd hate to have a cheat and find out that i'm somehow still in ketosis therefore giving myself a huge big green light to do it all over again. Personally thats a risk i'm not willing to take.

The fact that you've still lost weight is prob down to the simple maths that you have still used more calories than what your body has taken in.

Hoping that at least acknowledging it here will help you nip things in the bud before it becomes too destructive x
Thanks guys! I have had a good day today, just stuck to my shakes and soups so I think I'm back on track. Should just consider it a lucky escape. Karenlou, thanks for your reply - I have tried with two different packs of stix, as I finished my first last week. So I guess they mustn't be faulty, never know though though I suppose! Feel much better today having had no cheats so I just pray I have my motivation back!!! Thanks again and I hope to have a goodish loss at weigh in tomorrow. I am making a promise to myself to come back on here every day - it really does make a difference!!

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