can anyone advise me please...


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I've been ss'ing now for 21days, ive lost 1st 4lbs, which i'n so pleased with but for the last 3 days ive felt really sickly all day long. I've only managed to drink 2 shakes a day and sruggled really bad to drink the water, not managing to drink the recommended 4 pints.
I dont actually vomit, i just feel badly like i'm going to all day, so while i'm feeling like that it so hard to drink my shakes and water.
Anyone got any idea why this has happened, after all i thougfht i would of had problems when i first started this diet not 3 weeks down the line x
If you are following the SS component of a VLCD you must have at least three shakes per day. If you don't, you are missing out on vitamins and nutrients and you WILL get ill.

You need the water to flush out your kidneys and help your body do it's job. I can understand if you are feeling ill that eating/drinking isn't what you want to do, but trust me getting those 3 shakes down your neck and some water will make you feel better a heck of a lot sooner.
See if it helps if you split your packs. Try having 6 small ones a day instead.

I would have thought that if it was too strong a concentration of vit and mins in one go, it would have been a problem from the beginning, but nevertheless, you do need all the packs and this might be worth a try.
Thanks for the quick reply hun, i know i need to drink the 3 shakes, i just wanted confirmation that i will start to feel better soon as i dont want to have to come of the diet. Do you think drinking just 4 pints a day is ok? everyone seems to drink far more than that x
A minimum of 4 pints on top of what you have in your shakes should be fine. More water can help with weight loss but 4 pints is fine. :)

Also, Karion's suggestion of splitting your packs may help - nice one mate :)
Hope you soon feel better :) I sometimes get like this and I split my packs and then feel OK. I think it might be the concentration of vitamins ...
Hi Hun,

It may have nothing to do with the diet as I have had a virusy sickness bug thing for the last few days and I have felt really rough.
Try your best to get the shakes down I know how tough it is though.
Good luck
Hi skyzie,

How are you feeling?

I hope you are getting enough water down and taking your 3 food packs as it is essential.

Sending hugs.
Are you feeling any better today, Skyzie?
Hi everybody,
Thank you all for enquiring about me, i'm feeling a bit better now but had to stop ss at the mo as i became really ill and fainted twice (was a bit shocked as ive never fainted in my life!!)
I realise now how important it is to drink the 3 shakes a day, no matter how sickly i feel. I work as a nurse so i'm not entirely stupid and think we should listen to our bodys when things aint right, and mine was sure telling me something!
I've been having some soup (heinz veg) and weetabix with skimmed milk, i do feel stronger today and may return to ss tomorrow or the day after.
I weighed myself today and i've gained 2lb BUT i'm not gonna beat myself up over it, i'm just gonna return to ss and ensure i have my 3 shakes and plenty of water daily.
Thanks once again for your sound advice, your all so supportive on here, we're all like one big happy family!!
Lots of love to you all and happy ss'ing xxxxxxx
Glad you are feeling better honey, and you are right - listening to our bodies is something we all need to learn to do :)