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Can anyone explain?

I'm a bit puzzled. I've stuck to SS totally and have only lost 2lbs in my first week of restart. I've been drinking 4.5 litres of water every day which is more than I drank last time.

I'm trying to work out why! The week before I restarted I was ill. I was sick for 4 days (sorry if TMI) and couldn't eat. I couldn't even keep water down for 3 of those days. During that time I lost the weight I had regained since I stopped CD in July (around 10 lbs.) Not the way I would have chosen to lose the weight!

When I felt better I went straight onto SS because I was already in Ketosis. I'm guessing that in terms of weight loss that week when I was ill would have been like Week 1 with the large loss and that could be why my loss this week is small (for a first week) Am I thinking on the right lines?

I know it doesn't really matter *why*. As long as I have lost I should be happy, and I am! 2lbs is 2lbs and it all counts. I'd just like to understand why though :)

Thanks in advance if anyone can explain
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Hi, if you were already in ketosis then you had used up your glycogen stores which is that first big loss. So in effect your first week of SS was more like your second week. Hope you're fully recovered now.
Splash is right Mochaj, if you were in ketosis before you started back on SS, your glycogen would have already been used up. Its the huge glycogen loss that normally gives us such a fab loss in week 1, so in effect, your week 1 was like a week 2.

Well done on the loss, and for losing the 10lb you had gained.
I had the same thing - I was ill for a week (8 days) prior to starting on SS proper. In that week I dropped a stone in weight, and my first week of SS showed a 6lbs loss.

It was deffo because the body had used up all the stores whilst you (we) were ill, so we did not get the "benefit" of the glycogen and associated water losses in our first week.

Way I look at it, the weight has gone anyway - no matter if it is not on the "official" CDC record sheet :)
Thanks Steve, nice to know someone else is in the same boat (not nice that you were ill though!) and it seems that I was thinking correctly about why it happened that way.

I hope you are fully recovered :)
I am now, after a week of SS'ing whilst taking anti-biotics!!

My next weigh-in is Wed, but I am not holding my breath for a big loss this week. A couple of pounds would be nice .... as long as it is in the right direction that is!

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