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Can anyone explain??


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I'm on day three now and have stuck to the diet 100%. Day 1 and 2 i did red days. Today has been my first green day. Panic has just set in!!

Almost every diet I have tried in the past has had the general rule that carbs are bad. So you can see my confusion when on a green day and have been eating mostly carbs.

I have dropped a few pounds already even tho i only started on Friday and i am worried that 2moro morning i will step on the scales to find that i have put on again.

I know i may sound slightly paranoid but its simply because this diet is so new to me!

Does anyone struggle with green days or avoid them?

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Some people find that green days slow down their weight loss, others have great losses. You need to try it and see how you go.

I've done nothing but green days since I started in November (am vegetarian), my carb intake is huge, and my losses have been great. I've lost more, and quicker, eating this way than anything else I've ever tried. I think eating green has speeded up my metabolism.


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S: 18st10.5lb C: 14st2.5lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 28.5 Loss: 4st8lb(24.38%)
Thanks Elizabeth! Congats on your weight loss so far thats great.

I guess i will just have to see how it works out. I just got to lunch time today and thought how can this be true, the diet itself seems too good to be true!



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This is my first post on the boards, but I'd just like to say that you really need to a) trust the SW diet, be in red or green, it works! and b) please try not to weigh yourself on a daily basis - your weight will fluctuate during the week and won't give you a true reading.
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hey...i agree with the pp i dont weigh myself at all through the week as i find you get disappointed and then go off track but wen you get to class and have lost more you get to be surprised but i do mostly green days as i dont like meat and it seems to work really well for me!!! good luck!!!


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I do mainly green days, and it works for me.


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I'm an ex-Atkins dieter and really had trouble getting my head around the green days - let alone Extra Easy!! but like people say....trust in the plan! I still do more red or EE days than green, but putting green days in doesn't seem to slow my weight loss.

Best of luck


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I've lost two stone with 99% green days, trust me it works, if I don't have meat as a b choice tho i get bloating.
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I've lost 19lbs doing nothing BUT green days, and I love it! I do worry about it sometimes as I eat loads of potatoes and pasta but it's working for me.


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Just give it a go hun and you will see how good it is, i do 3 red days 2 EE and 2 green and i love it and its worked great for me, some people do just green and it works too. xxx


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Thanks for the replies. I would agree with metermaid, my main problem is actually getting my head round it. Its great to know that people do only green days and still have fantastic weight losses.

I have a bad habit of weighing myself every couple of days when dieting. I will set myself a target of not weighing myself until Thursday Morning.:cry: I know it makes sense!!


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yep thats my problem too weighing myself every couple days tho I am getting better - used to do it three times a day at start cos weight dropped off so quickly lol but now body burning fat, comes off a bit slower and i dont wan2 be disappointed in the week its just not worth it! then weigh in day is a surprise


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S: 24st6lb C: 19st8lb BMI: 45.6 Loss: 4st12lb(19.88%)
I confess that I do weigh myself during the week, but it's just to 'keep an eye on it'...it can bite you in the bum though, cos if the scales at home record a gain, then it's very difficult to eat properly after that.
I only weigh myself a couple of times a week now, though, it used to be several times, every day, when I first started - that's how I know NOT to do it...*lol*


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I've used slimming world in the past, I only did green days and I lost weight without any problems. I just didn't enjoy the diet, which is why I no longer follow it. But it def does work.

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