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Can anyone help me?


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As I mentioned previously, I am cycling Vietnam and Cambodia in November 2011 in aid of Robert Winston's charity which funds better health for women and their babies. He is also the pioneer of IVF treatment which has helped many women who would have been unable to have children, to have them.

The charity lies at the heart of the most profound of human wishes: to have a happy and healthy family.

It is a charity close to my heart as I had complications in my own pregnancy and also several people close to me have benefited from his work.

I cycled Cuba for his charity in March 2009 and whilst some people may think it is a paid holiday, please can I assure you it's not! It was extremely hard work but the camaraderie of the women on the trip helped enormously. They ranged in aged fron 30 to 70 all cycling in aid of Robert Winston. We were up at 5.30 am most days and on the road by 7am often cycling until 7pm at night. And there were some pigs of hills LOL :D

I would be so grateful if people who are willing could make a small donation to this charity. I need to raise £6200 (myself and my friend between us) in order to take part this time.

If you are able to contribute a small amount, the link is below.

Many many thanks :)
Carolyn Lawson is fundraising for Women for Women - JustGiving
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Thanks so much FAF! It doesn't matter what you donate chick, every bit helps! Thanks again x x x

We go in November 2011 x


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I'll donate tomorrow Caz, I have forgotten my wallet and cards love.


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Thanks so much Jim xx

Lady Marmalade

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Good luck Caz, I think you are awesome for doing this!

Can I ask, are you or were you in training for this or the Cuba one, and were you low carbing at the time? Do you find it difficult to train while low carbing?
all done , sorry it's not a huge amount , but i already support a local cat charity xx


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Caz - I too have a cash flow problem at the moment. I just have enough money left to pay for the Osteopath tomorrow and hopefully some sugar free sweets afterwards! I will definitely donate though. I'd love to do something similar myself, it's one of my many unrequited dreams!


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No problems at all everyone, I know what it'ds like to have cash flow problems - I'm just very grateful you are willing to donate for me xx

Lady M, when I did Cuba I did a hell of a lot of training, we were training with ice on our jackets it was that cold lol but I wasn't on a low carb diet. This time I will be, so it will be interesting to see how I feel. I shall start a training thread very shortly and bore you all to death with how it's going, how far I'm cycling and how I feel :8855:

I'm going to have to start from scratch again with my training though as I haven't done any since last July when I cycled from Manchester to Blackpool in aid of Christies :D


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Well come on up babes or i'll meet you half way lol xx We'll suffer together!

It's actually the fundraising part that's the hard work as I have to organise loads of events etc to raise the money but it would be intersting for me (if no one else lol) to keep a diary on here as it's surprising how much you forget lol!


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You are a star and a half - I'm sure that I can think of something you could do such as a raffle or something. I'll have a think! Thanks so much for your offer of help babes xx :sign0168:


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It just gets better :D Thanks babes x x

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