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Can anyone help with The New High Protein Diet by Dr Charles Clark

S: 9st12lb C: 9st5lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 24 Loss: 0st7lb(5.07%)
Hi All,

I'm new to all this so bear with me...

I started Dr Charles Clarks high protein diet 2 weeks ago yday, it's very much like Atkins but allows a slightly higher carb allowance (20-40g per day and at least 1 slice of wholemeal bread per day).

I had about 21 lbs to lose and so far it's gone brilliantly and first 2 weeks I've lost 7 lbs. My only problem is that I have really lost my appetite and the thought of eating puts me right off food. I don't get hunger pangs anymore, but i know i need food when i start getting tired and slightly light-headed, meaning i have to force myself to eat small amounts.

I suppose I'm asking if anyone knows if this is normal on the diet and roughly when I might start liking the thought of eating again...I'm missing food :(

Any help gratefully recieved x
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Hi there. This sounds like a very normal reaction people get on atkins too. There is sometimes an atkns flu about days 3-7 but then in week two or so, people go right off food. Dont like their favorites, cant stand strong smells etc. Think this is a ketosis effect. Hang in there, lots of water, eat legal little and often and it does go. And dont worry - you will be hungry and enjoy food again:D
S: 9st12lb C: 9st5lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 24 Loss: 0st7lb(5.07%)
Hi Leanne,

This is definately a lifestyle change. The diet is scientifically based and medically proven. This is the science behind it:

It basically says that fat is stored when we eat carbs. Carbs stimulate insulin production, which lowers blood sugar, which makes us irritable/weak triggering cravings for more carbs - like a a vicious circle. Then the insulin stimulates the deposit of excess carbs as fat, esp around waist & hips, even worse it actually prevents body fat from being used to provide energy, so you can never break down body fat if insulin levels are elevated.

It works by reducing your carbs to 20-40g a day, no fruit is allowed nor is pasta, rice, potatoes. It does however suggest that you have some carbs preferably 1 wholemeal slice of bread and 1 orange a day for vitamin C. Any Protein, pure fats and green and other low starch vegetables are permitted in unlimited quantities. Foods to be eaten in moderation are nuts, yogurt, eggs, cheese, alcohol.

Although I'm not there yet, maintainence seems to be achieved by increasing your carbs to a point where you stop losing weight and maintain, if you start to put on weight you need to reduce slightly to find the right balance for your body and stick with that.

All the reviews I read for it were all fantastic and i've certainly got on really well with it since starting, just find it abit odd not having hunger pangs and going off food...but hopefully that won't last too long.

Sorry for the long post but hope that explains it and let me know if you have questions as I have the book so will hopefully find the answers! :)

PS: I can have most curries which is great - no restriction on tomatoes!
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That sounds very interesting, but as I'm doing well on atkins I'll stick to it, but will definatly bear this new approach to mind.
Im also on dr Charles diet, I like it as it doesn't restrict most veg. I have lost about 7 pounds so far but my measurements are also reducing. My stepmum started it too and also having good results.
I haven't been having the bread but it's nice to know you have a bit of leeway if needed.
S: 9st12lb C: 9st5lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 24 Loss: 0st7lb(5.07%)
It's so liberating to not be a slave to carbs anymore and have the willpower to say no if a carb-laden food is offered...let's hope it carries on!


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Hi, can I join your discussion? I am actually following the Harcombe Plan and am doing OK and the New High Protein diet does share certain similarities with THD although keeping carbs separate from fats is the key, but I feel I need to "tweek" it slightly for it to suit my body better so I have ordered the NHP diet book and should have it on Tuesday, but feel the principle behind the diet is the same :) However my weight loss is very slow which is a bit disheartening hence the feeling of needing to tweek it slightly. I will compare them and may even swap over and see how I go. What I do know is that low carb suits me and is def a plan to follow for life........................sorry for the waffle :giggle:

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