Can ANYONE Help?????????????


Back On CD.......
Hiya Guys, :D

Hope Your all ok!!
Well I came off my holidays on Thursday Night from Spain, It was lovely.. Had a lovely time, weather was hot :cool:
drank far too much alcohol & ate such fab meals but its all out my system now, really have to get back on cd.

I have managed to put on 10lb which I am a bit gutted about as I didnt eat loads with it being too hot to eat, I walked for miles every day & drank loads of water too. It is my TTOM so I know 3lb of weight will be that so I suppose half a stone is ok ish.. lol.

How is everyone doing then?
Would be nice if you could post back with your weightloss over the past fortnight so I can catch up with how everyone is doing. It would take me ages to read all the past threads you have all done.. :eek:


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Hellloooo and welcome back, sound like you had a great time, I am jealous! Really wanted a holiday this year!

Don't worry about the 10 pounds, I am sure they will be off in less than no time!

Got a nice tan?! Where in Spain did you go?!
Hi Angela,

I went to torreveaja which is near murcia, I didnt think I was brown as people over there have fab tans but back home family are saying I have a nice tan so I an happy.

How you doing on cd then chick?
I am dreading restarting again, first few days I hate.. :(

I always feel the same, everyone else goes really brown, but just wait until you stand next to a whitey like me you will look really brown lol.

Doing well, just had my 6th WI and have lost a grand total of 31 pounds, so feeling v good at mo!

Although Hubbys and daughters Roast Chicken smells lovely!

Ho Hum, off to make my soup up!

Good luck restarting, let us know how it goes!

Hey babe!!! so glad that you had a good time were so looking forward to it!

Never mind about the extra few pounds....we all know it will be off in no time!
I have been doing ok on CD, lost 11lb in my first week back on which I was thrilled about, sts the next week and then lost 5 last all in all very happy with the loss to date! Takes me back down to 11.5(was 11.3 just before hols) really want to get into the 10's soon!!!

Will catch up with you soon hon, good luck restarting CD know the first few days can be hard...but you also know you can do strong and you will see the results in no time babe.

Hugs and kisses Lou XXX
Thanks for your replies girlies..

Mandy - Hope u have a fab holiday, going anywhere nice?

Lou - You are doing so well girl, hope I have a fab weightloss like you in my 1st week, I would be thrilled to bits.

I'm out with a load of people I used to work with in 2 weeks, havent seen them since xmas so really need to lose at least a stone.. :D

Hope I can do it!!!!
Hi All,

Well its my 4th Day back on Cd & I am so craving for chocolate, sweets, cakes, anything sugary. When its my ttom I have always done aam as I know my body needs more calories & stops me cheating if I have some salad.

1st day on Monday I had some salad & chicken for tea which wasnt a good start at all but at least it was healthy.

Yesterday I went out all day with b/f to the metro centre all I seemed to pass is burger king, macdonalds, greggs, sweet shops, cake shops, my head was done in, I ended up buying a few sugared almonds as my will power had naffed off by then.

But all in all its good, got on scales this morning & I have lost 6lb. WOW was over the moon if I can lose another 1 I will be a happy bunny..

Just wish these sweet cravings would go away.. :(
Two words, hun - tablet sweetener!!! Put em in peppermint tea and it'll stop your sugar cravings! Honest - it works for me!

I'm trying not to go to the metrocentre today cos I really shouldn't be spending any more money - but I saw a gold sparkly dress on LK Today which is in Primark for 12 quid and I WANT IT! lol
Thanks Isobel,

I have never tried any other flavour tea's other than tetley. lol so what tea's am I allowed on CD??

Does it honestly taste nice?? :rolleyes:

1st Weigh in..

My 1st weigh in today & I have lost 10lb.. :D :D
I am over the moon as thats all my holiday weight gone now.

One thing I cant get my head round is the 1st time I started CD I lost 8.5lb in my first week, I stuck it 100% & was in ketosis..

This time I have cheated a few times & even had a very small sunday dinner yesterday, never got into ketosis all week & still lost more than last time.

The only thing I done differently is drink more water. I was only drinking 3 litres last time, this time I am drinking between 4-5 litres a day.
I suppose water is the key!! :)
I cheated!!

Well I was good until yesterday night, I was very busy all day & waited 7 hours between packs so I was starving, ended up going to mcdonalds with b/friend & getting a junior chicken mayo, wedges to share & a mcflurry.. :eek:

I am going out on Saturday night which I must say I cant wait as I am seeing the lads & lasses I used to work with & havent seen them since xmas, its mad when were all together.. I have decided to have a couple of vodkas & water inbetween, its really not practical for me to drink water in every pub we go in..

So not expecting to lose weight this week.. :(
I shouldnt of had another mini break..

Hi guys, :D

Well on my last post I told you I was going out with the girls who I used to work with.
I went out & felt fab about myself, bought a gorgeous low cut fitted white top (I never normally have my baps on show may I say) & a new pair of jeans, got lots of compliments on how fab I look with losing weight. I felt on top of the world.
I said I was only gonna have a couple of vodkas, well that ended up being quite a few vodkas.
All day Sunday I had the munchies & ate a roast chicken dinner & lots of crap throughout the day. :eek:
I got weighed last Monday & I had put 2lb on which I expected.

Well after weigh day I said to myself I was gonna healthy eat till after my birthday celebrations are over then start back on ss until I lose 2 stone then maintain.

Well all week I have ate crap, I could kick myself for doing it, I have been craving junk food, especially sweet stuff.

Got weighed this morning & I have put on another 3lb. :eek:
I am gutted but I only have myself to blame.

Well its my birthday this friday 13th (scary eh?, lol)
And lots of going out for meals & drinks is happening most of the week, out with family, friends, b/f..

So if I can manage to stay around 13st 4lb mark then I will be happy as that means I have still managed to lose a stone & when I get back on ss I wanna lose 2st so 3st in total is my goal anything more before xmas is a bonus. :D

I am ashamed of myself for pigging out for 2 weeks, its not clever but as soon as my birthday is out the way I have no more celebrations to go to apart from halloween parties & I can get away without eating & drinking at them..

God I do apologise for going on..
Hope no-one has fell asleep yet!! lol

Day 1 on SS..

Hiya All,

Well its Day 1 back on SS, I had a wicked Birthday. :D

Went out for another Birthday meal with Keith (b/f) & some friends, had an Indian & a few vodkas, was lush.

Woke up this morning with a really bad belly, not sure whether it was my indian or period pains, lol..

I cant believe I am re-starting CD at the TTOM I do it every time. The time I crave sugar & could eat anything in sight.
Never mind I can do this.. ARGHHHHHH :mad:

Nothing is gonna stop me, thats it, no more breaks from CD & no more excuses, I have enjoyed my Birthday celebrations, its now time to shift the lard..

I put on 4lb this week, :eek: so I am 1lb off being what I was when I came from Holiday..

I am determined to lose 3 stone in total..
Everytime I am feeling low I will look at your gorgeous before & after pics for Inspiration..

Hi Kelly
And by Christmas you could be there?
Good luck for the 1st week it will soon fly #xxc
Day 3..

Thanks, Well done on your weightloss too i'lldoit.. :)

Well Day 3 today & all is well, I have lost 4lb already.
Which is fab.. Yippee......

I have decided I am gonna have a touch of skimmed milk in my tea as I love a cuppa & cant stand to have it black.
I am not really bothered about getting into ketosis as I never got into ketosis the last time I re-started & I lost 10lb, actually lost more than I did when I got into ketosis, how weird is that.. lol :confused:

Does anyone know why???? The mind boggles..
Fab great Im so glad you have stuck at it,before you have your milk THINK if you have the milk then you may think i'll have this & that extra as I dont want to get in full Ketosis?
It took me 13 days this time to get into proper Ketosis when all the hunger actually goes!Maybe you werent in full Ketosis after the 1st 10lbs as we lose alot in the 1st week ?I dont drink Tea or Coffee all I drink is water plain or with the flavourings,try not to have the milk as when you reach full Ketosis you will know it?TRY AND REMEMBER THIS ISNT FOR EVER WHEN ITS DONE WE CAN EAT GOOD HEALTHY FOOD AND LIVE THE LIFE WE ALL SO WANT?
Keep going week 1s nearly gone ;)