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can anyone recommend me a good exercise dvd?

Hi - the one by the girl who used to play Sonia in Eastenders is quite good. Natalie Cassidy Now and Then workout.

15 min warmup, 15 min aerobics, 15 mins boxing type aerobics, 15 mins toning and cool down.

Not hard but good to ease you back into exercising. Amazon gives some reviews.
Hey Gingerlillytea Im glad you posted this, I was going to ask the same question! I am really interested in getting a good exercise dvd too


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I'd go with the Davina ones too... enjoyed them all.

I used "Yogalates" for my toning side of it! Definately recommend this!
Hi I've got two suggestions

1) Aussie Aerobics DVD - its got 6 different workouts on it, Aerobics, Bellydancing, Salsa, Fitball, Yoga and Pilates, they are as hard as you want them to be and because there is a variety you can do something different everytime, I thought I would just do Yoga and Pilates all the time (sitting on the floor as much as poss! Ha! Ha!) but love the bellydancing, Yoga and Aerobics the best although I have found a new toy, thanks to fellow minimims!......

2) Podrunner - this is a revelation to me, it is a learn to run beginner to 5k training plan on your mP3/ipod, and it only takes 9 weeks, 3 sessions a week for 30 mins a go on average. I'm a size 18 I have always hated running with a passion (boobs - thats all Im saying!) but I have found myself completely motivated with this, I am on week 6, I've not missed a session and I managed to run for 20 mins non stop the other day, I struggled to jog for 1 minute 6 weeks ago, best of all this is free to download too!! its on Itunes and also if you google Podrunner it will come up, give it a go I cannot believe the difference and progress in me!!! Come on you can do it!!!


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just on the website now for podrunner.. sounds interesting! Im doing a mini marathon in June, but Im walking it, do you think I could use this?
Hi Lumpyroo, yes go for it, I never stick to anything usually and have just finished Week 6 on Podrunner and I am so motivated I have signed up for two 5k's in June and 6 weeks ago I couldnt run for a minute without feeling like I was going to collapse, tonight I went for a run IN THE RAIN!!! and did 25 minutes non stop, I feel great, give it a go and trust that if you stick to it that it will work, I am a size 18 although trousers are now starting to fall down, I havent really changed my eating habits ie rocky road muffin today uhhum If I can do it anyone can...and no injuries by the way


Wants it Gone!
thats excellent news... think I might just sign up!! Thanks again for the advice!
My friend swears by the Davina DVD's too
I love love love Claire Richards (from Steps) Five Step Fat Attack...bouncing round to those cheesey tunes makes it a lot more endurable. It starts off fairly easily and works up at a pace which everyone can follow! In fact I've just done two of the five steps and I'm feeling great!

The reason I was first attracted to her DVD was the fact she had a very public struggle with her weight and was a similar starting size to me....


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I lve the Rosemary Conley slim and salsacise. Still on level one but I'm not needing the paramedics at the end! 20 mins, work up a sweat and it's not like an exercise clas. She tells you in plenty of time what you're going to do next too. I like that. The Oz compilation is good too. The belly dancing is great fun and you can really feel your saddlebags next day!


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Ive tried tons of fitness dvd's & always go back to & stick with my Davina McCall ones. My favs are the '3 30 minutes workouts' & the newer one 'high intensity'. They'll be hard work at first but I get into them easily, enjoy them & better than that-I actually get results. I love them. :)
If you can get hold of a copy, Jillian Michaels 30 day shread is awesome. I managed to get mine on a recent trip to the US.

She is the female trainer from the American version of the biggest loser and I love her straight froward no nonsense approach.
Thanks olivia1987uk
I have taken your advice and got Claire Richards DVD, I'm a sucker for those cheesy songs so hoping that will motivate me, doubt I'll make it through the warm up at first though!!:greenapple:
Just waiting for the postie to deliver it as bought it on ebay.
Onwards and downwards:)

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