Can anyone tell me more about CD please?


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Hi I have previously tried Lipotrim and although I was doing really well up until a pre planned holiday( I now wish I never went on!)I haven't been able to get back into it - I now feel really like I can get back into my commited mode but wanted to know more about CD before booking an appointment to go back on Lipotrim to see if I'd be better on CD. I wondered what it entails and roughly how much it costs ? Well done all by way x:)
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On SS (Soul Source) most folk start on 3 sachets a day, but taller people are often advised to have 4 a day, i believe. So on 21 a week, i averaged £39.50. There is also the SS Plus option, which permits a small amount of food. You and the CD councillor will discuss the stage that you start on.
For me, it was my first proper diet and i started on SS which requires you to drink a minimum of 2 & quarter litres of water a day, as well as the 3 sachets. Search through this forum and most of your questions will be answered in the thousands of threads.
The best thing i ever did was start CD and felt so good throughout.
This forum is fab too. So much great support and advice.
Good luck on whatever you decide.
Drink/Meal Options below.

Chocolate (also in lactose free)
Chocolate Orange (lactose free)
Chocolate Mint
Toffee and Walnut
Vanilla (also in lactose free)
Fruits of the Forest
Orange Winter Spice (limited edition)
Chicken and Mushroom
Spicy Tomato
Oriental Chilli
Broccoli and Cheese
Leek and Potato (lactose free)
Malt Toffee - covered in milk choc
Caramel - covered in milk choc
Chocolate - covered in milk choc
Orange - covered in plain choc
Peanut Crunch – milk chocolate
Cranberry Crunch – milk chocolate
Ready made cartons come in three flavours
Chocolate Velvet
Banana Bliss
Strawberry Silk
Water flavours 3 flavours
Summer Berries
Sunshine Orange
Savoury Vegetable
Mousse mix
Fibre 89


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Hi hun CD is a vlcd like the one you have already done .There are more flavours and nice choccie bars as well as porridge to choose from if you go to the CD forum there is a sticky telling you about the flavours and rrp so you will be able to get an idea on cost but when I was doing CD the price was the same ish .
In my opinion the flavours are better on CD did try a friends vcld and would never of chaged even tho I had to travel 30mins to get CD .
Think there is a sticky telling you about the different stages on CD ss or ss+ there are also ways of doing the stages back wards so you slowly start your journey can make things easier for some peeps good luck on which ever you decide on they both work when you follow the guide lines you just need to add a bit of willpower lol