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Can dulcolax kick you out of ketosis?


I've been taking dulcolax tablets as I haven't yet got round to buying the pearls. I took 2 on friday and saturday, and 1 on tuesday. Yesterday afternoon I started feeling really hungry. I haven't deviated from the diet as all - haven't had a morsel of anything else in my mouth. I am ok so far today but I was thinking - could dulcolax kick me out of ketosis or could you get hunger pangs sometimes (esp when I know I will be refeeding in a week for my holiday - is it just my head playing tricks with me?) I've stuck to LT even though i was hungry yesterday.
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i dont think so alot of people use them im sure someone who knows for sure will be along soon x


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No it shouldnt take u out of ketosis. Its ur head playing games. When i knew i was gonna do the refeed my last week on TFR was the longest of the diet. Try not 2 think about it.
thanx missyd - hopefully the chemist might be able to help when I go for my weigh in on friday..
thanx Teg - I think you're right - that's why I mentioned it - its probably my head playing games. You'd think after 5 and a half weeks on TFR it wouldn't do that - just goes to show it takes a lot of effort to get out of that mind set.

I don't even have any cravings - just feel hungry - weird eh!


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The emotions that u feel coming up to refeed are mad. Ull b frightened and anxious and will want to stay on tfr. But thats all totally normal. Youve done very well ... Fair play 2 ya
Thanx Teg.. I am really stressed about refeeding and moreso about going back on tfr after my holiday. I think that's going to be another ball game altogether!

Your weight loss is amazing! My last 2 weeks were really bad as i was having loo problems. I'm hoping to do better this week..
Hey guys i'm new here.. was wondering what is Lipotrim and how does it work? Also how does this forum work ? :S
sorry bout the questions im kinda lost! arent we supposed to discuss our weight loss etc?

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