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can i brag about a small victory?


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well ive had a really vile morning

i feel rough (fluey symptoms) - am stressed about my coming week and to cap it all my sister bouight her kids around -
now normally i love them and theyre good as gold - perhaps my tolerance level was lower or something - but today they were a menace! really badly behaved - and she ( their mom ) just let them run riot and half destroy the house ( which isnt a palace by any means )

my sister herself is ok in small doses but to be honest if she wasnt my sister i would probably never have anything to do with her - - she is everything i am not - very keep up with the joneses ( or the moms at the school gate anyway) very materialistic and designer label

shallow in one word imho

anyway she hasnt seem me since i started CD SS - now its obvious i have lost weight because my yoga pants keep falling down lol

but all she could say to me with ragards my appearance was
' you look awful'

well thanks sis

anyway ( i am about to get to the point of this mega post i promise lol ) a few weeks ago i would have cheered myself up and made myself feel 'better' ( yeah right) with a packet of crisps or a macdonalds or a bar of chocolate

HOWEVER i am just back from the store with a glossy magazine and a new aromatherapy bath oil and THAT is how i will treat myself today

a long soak with a magazine and coke zero

i am quite proud of how my attitude has changed!

: )
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Well done for resisting the devils food....lol
Cant beat a good magazine, can of coke zero and a soak in the bath!


Oooh probably JEALOUSY, you're losing weight & you don't have naughty kids!!!lol WTG on getting the bath treats instead of choccy/Mc D's!! They last much longer & you'll SMELL lovely! Soon your sis will HAVE TO comment on your weight-loss too.xxxxx


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Wel done you! It's soooooo hard to resist when having a hard time so give yourself a big pat on the back! Proud of you, unfortunately there will be people in our lives that are negative, brush it off and keep going :D
Well done on resisting food comforts !!

Enjoy your bath...hope the 'flu' symptoms don't come to much..and you feel better soon :)

Debz x
well done you!:talk017:

even a small victory is a victory hon..........so go on...keep on bragging!

Enjoy your bath and well done for your change in attitude !

Hugs Lou XX


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aww ta girls
gonan walk the dog then soak for hours ( well until the water gets cold lol )
its so nice to be able to come on here and get cheered up
thanks to you all

Lil K

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Good for you Slushy! I had a similar experience with hurtful comments from my sister earlier this week. D'ya think your sister may have a touch of the green eyed monster? Also if your feeling unwell anyway, who in their right mind expects you to be looking fantastic??

You go and enjoy yourself in your aromatherapy bath and toast your victory with your can of coke zero :D

Hope you're feeling better soon x
Brag away you can be justifyably proud of yourself, well done and enjoy that soak.

hi slushy

your sister sounds a lot like my own - selfish and unsupportive of my attempts to lose weight. says i'm being silly trying to lose weight - i'm 16 stone and though i carry my weight well, i do want to lose some. my wife is great, though.

i wish you luck - god only knows we all need it. this dieting lark is hard work


please try again
well done for resisting
your sisters just jelous as when your slim and even more gorgeous then she wont have a way of feeling better

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