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can i -cant i?

right major dilemma here,
just looked at the EE plan in mag and saw the chilli(for wednesday) which i am going to do for tea
ok... so what can i have for dinner? can i choose any of the other days lunches? ie can i have egg on toast with some bacon? or how about jacket tate cheese and beans confused . I want to keep on the straight and narrow - after my weekend splurge !! any chance of advice before loose woman start LOL
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Is so very nearly there!
Yh you can have anything! All food that is free on green and red you can have whenever you want :) hth
right , so is this ok ..
today is
2 weetabixs with some ss milk and banana
jacket tate , whole tin beans and im gonna syn my 28g cheese
maybe put a bit salad on there aswell
then tonight chili with half.......hang on hang on
in the EE booklet it says rice is free, then when you look in mag it says only have 312g- recipe says for 4 people so that means we have 78g each -which is half a boil in bag rice ...aye???? how , wot
wot do i have .. a full bag or 78g ??


Is so very nearly there!
plain rice is free isnt it so as much as you want I think its coz they make in portions for 4 ppl so measure?
Think it should be alright mixing and matching the ones in the sample plan as long as you check you're only having the one A choice and B choice each day.


soon to be skinny minnie
Hi hun, everything that is free on red and green is free on extra easy. You can have a mountain of rice with a mountain of chillie if you want. In the magazines it gives you measures as it is meant to feed 4 people and that is just a guide, however you can eat enough chillie and rice until you are full as both are free on ee plan x
oh thats ok then..just had the Sw mag version of chilli, it was nice and had half bag rice .
daughter made it using the right measurements and no little extras, and there was loads and im stuffed

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