can i chew these?


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Honey ...I know the diet is REALLY hard to stick with but personally I wouldn't add anything into the diet that isn't on the list for lipotrim x x x


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I know all the other answers you get will be no but the Atkins diet works on ketosis and there are a lot of people that have sugar free chewing gum while doing that and it has caused them no harm. Might be worth just having a look through the Atkins forum to see what others say though.
If you asked Lipotrim they would say no but i don't think they would be able to give you a reason. I'm guessing that any kind of prolonged chewing may make you crave food?
None of us used gum as we were all told not to, but has anyone actually tried it and found it hindered their weight loss? Would really like to know this so speak up if anyone has! I think once you get into Lipotrim, it's too scary to do something that may or may not hurt the losses so you just stick with what you are told!
What i would say though is if you try it, don't go mad with it. If you get it limit it to 3 or 4 pieces a day.
And a lot of shops or garages sell this one so i wouldn't waste money on postage :)


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its just that my breath isn't very fresh an I usually always chew gum so i feel really self concious!


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You can get the breath strips from the pharmacy to help and also rinse with original listerine mouth wash helps, as does drinking the tanker of water each day. I would not recommend the mints - as one other lady says on this forum a lot, it is the slippery slope, Lipotrim say not to have them, so the slipper slope could be what else will we do not to be 100% on the programme if we start on the slipper slope?