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Can i eat a full quiche?

I got very confused when I first started slimming world and the second week back I questioned the consultant about free food asking - can I really eat as much as I want???

She said yes (eat till you are full!), so I went home and ate heaps of salad and grilled steak and I still continue to lose - she seems to be right.

So as long as it's syn free I would say go ahead!
beckyblue said:
If I really wanted to? It's syn free on red day but I get really hungry sometimes and can demolise a full quiche!
I guess the answer is yes, personally I would make sure I ate plenty of SF with each portion of it, roasted BNS, salad, or green beans perhaps. I don't do red days as I het too hungry and too much meat makes me feel sick
beckyblue said:
If I really wanted to? It's syn free on red day but I get really hungry sometimes and can demolise a full quiche!
It depends on how big a quiche it is :)

As long as you aren't eating cos you're bored & are genuinely hungry its fine. I'd follow Shirleens superfree advice as well.
I think I would have to ask why you let it get to the point when you are so hungry. If you had a more even spread of food over the day perhaps you would not feel the need to eat a whole quiche, which does seem excessive.
i made seven mini quiches at the beginning of the week.. i had three for my lunch ( they were cupcake size) and then got through another 3 throughout the afternoon!!... i didnt feel guilty as they were syn free and had a bit of veg in!.
I think its good not to eat when your bored and only eat when you're hungry and stop when you're full as a general rule, slimming world or not.. but as many of overweight people like myself do tend to overeat, it's better to do so on slimming world free food rather than on high syn food, in my opinion.
Ofcourse, the best thing really is to respond to your hunger and satisfaction signals.. but if eating a whole quiche stops you from binging on chocolate and high syn food then go for it.
Eating 1/3 superfree food as suggested by Shirleen is a really good idea which I'll try to follow it as I've not been successful in my weight loss journey the past couple of weeks..
Good luck :)
Thanks everyone . the quiche I make has chicken asparagus cougette tomatoes onion mushroom baby corn cottage cheese and 4 eggs in it. I bulk it up with all the veg just in case I want to eat it all! Yesterday was one of those days where I could not stop eating! I ate half the quiche last night and the rest is waiting for my dinner with salad! X
Hi All, Im new to the site but have just stumbled upon this thread and thought I'd offer some advise.
Yes it is absolutely true, you can eat freefood to satisfy your hunger. Really fill up on it, but think about how full feels. Take time over your food, enjoying each mouthfull. This will give you time to recognise those 'full up' signals.
Its different for everybody. If you are genuinely hungry for the entire syn free quiche then go for it. Make sure you are including 1/3 superfree food at every meal and drinking plenty of water (or diet squash) throughout your day too.
Well done for checking. Remember, the only silly questions are the ones you dont ask! Happy slimming! x
Are eggs free on a red day ? Bit confused as I thought they were on the green pages ?
kingleds said:
Free on all plans - but not superfree - so they don't count towards your 1/3rd superfree recommendation.
Oh thanks yes just noticed the other page on red containing dairy lol that's gonna make red days sooo much easier thanks :)
From what i can see this is a very healthy quiche! chicken, asparagus, courgette, tomatoes, onion, mushroom, baby corn, cottage cheese and 4 eggs

The bold foods are all super free anyway, but if you add more alongside it even better.
I wouldn't think twice about demolishing the whole thing if i needed to suppress my hunger.
Aah but would you sit down to a four/six egg omelette, a whole pot of cottage cheese, chicken and a large plateful of vegetables in one sitting if it were not in the form of a quiche? Sorry but this lady's not for budging :)
Sorry wasn't just trying to be disagreeable just didn't want somebody thinking that something that was completely on plan was excessive
No I know you weren't. But it proves that people's views on what makes an acceptable portion size differ. Foods can be completely on plan but still affect losses if portion sizes are excessive. And personally I feel that if you are getting to the point where you have to eat an entire quiche then you are not balancing your food intake properly - you are letting yourself get too hungry. :)

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