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can i eat this?!?


I will do this!!!


I will do this!!!
im not sure what im on today!!! iv eaten porridge, mullerlight, alpen bar, fruit, mushroom and pasta dish and thats it. If i could have the gammon dinner for 0 syns that would be great!!! :)


I will do this!!!
oooh i forgot about the superfree food! would melon as pudding count?


I will do this!!!
wow so iv had no syns today! my god i wouldn't think eating a bowl of pasta followed by gammon and chips would help me lose weight!


I will do this!!!
oh iv got my curly wurly for later!! lol


Is a crunchy mama!
Based on what you've said here's how I would class your day's eats! :D

porridge - healthy extra B for 28g
mullerlight - free!
alpen bar - alpen light is 3 syns each or 2 for a healthy extra B. As you've had a B choice already you would have to syn it. Normal alpen bars are roughly 6 syns each (they don't count as a healthy extra)
fruit - free!
mushroom and pasta dish - free!
Creme fraiche - 3 syns for a tablespoon of full fat creme fraiche, 1.5 syns of reduced fat.

So based on what you've eaten you only have to syn the alpen bar and creme fraiche.
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I will do this!!!
Great so thats still low syns.......i can still have my chocolate!!! :) thanks guys
Just thought I would point out that you HAVE to have your third superfree on your plate and cannot have it as puding after. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!!
I didn't know it had to be on the same plate! I've been having homemade veg soup before dinner as my third superspeed foods !!!!
Have been doing it wrong? Really?


I will do this!!!
oh no its too late now iv finished my dinner and pudding!!!


Keep on Truckin'
I think the general consensus is that you don't literally have to have it on your plate. I think the reason they state 1/3 on your plate is for portion control so you don't go overboard with the meat/carbs. For the majority of people who struggle with portion size this is a sensible precauition to take. However, as long as you are either having your superfree as a starter, hence already partially filling your stomach before the meat/carbs or, being careful to have a smaller plate of meat/carbs to leave a third of your dinner allowance for fruit afterwards you should be ok. It's all about using some common sense, failing that i'd just leave room on my plate and stick the bloody melon on it and eat it last :p :D

I know sometimes people get accused of "tweaking" but for goodness sakes we can apply some common sense!

That's my view anyway.