Can I have a refund as it is too big...


The Diet Guy
I know I finished this mad diet 7 months ago now but I had to take a shirt back to River Island yesterday as when I got home and tried it on it was too big.

It is such a head trip to buy clothes in River Island in the first place net alone take them back and ask for a refund as they hang off you.

Some of my clothes are getting too big now - but I can't wait til I can shop in "normal" shops too - how brill must that feel!!!!
I still feel so self concious in there though and that people are looking at me thinking what is that "untrendy" fool doing in here.

And I always pick the biggest size I can find and then work down!

And whenever I go to put on a top I always say "this will never fit" before I try it.

They say it takes a year to feel slim after you finish losing weight but after 7 months I don't feel that I am slim at all!

I am not denying it as the scales don't lie but I still expect to wake up in the morning 12 stone heavier again.

Bizarre my brain!!
Mad but not surprising! I don't know how long your were 'big' but I expect compared to how long you have been 'normal', it was a long time.
Give yourself time, believe those scales and the mirror and your head will catch up in time. Love
Mini's just copied and pasted this thread to me, Mike as I've said something similar on my own diary thread about how I think I'll always consider myself as a 'work in progress'.

I've bought some clothes recently which I was sure were 'my size' .. only to find they're actually too big for me. In fact, I'm taking a skirt to a place that does alterations later today to get the waist taken in (by about 5"!). I've never even worn it, but I like it too much to return it to the shop.

I got a denim jacket through the post today that I bought on eBay and when I took it out of the packet, my immediate thought was "It's so tiny! That'll never fit me!" .. but it's a perfect fit.

I think somehow our brains might never catch up with how our bodies look now .. but as long as the (smaller size) clothes fit, who cares eh? :)
I am 4 sizes smaller than I used to be and still pick out stuff in a 20, I am a 16/18 now, I look at stuff on the hanger in the shop & think 'That will never fit' so go for a bigger size and guess what I get home and it's too big, good for exercise though cause I have to wlk back up town and exchange it!

I bought some clothes about a month ago in Tesco in the sales, 1 top was a size 14 thinking ideal for Xmas, I am off on hols next Sat and did all my holiday washing earlier and tried it on and it fits! I was so pleased so I washed it & will be coming with me!

It is strange how are brains work.....