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Can I have some advice please

Afternoon All

I am new to the forum and I was wondering if anyone can help me.

It is basically the same old story but I don't know where to go from here.

I have been YO Yo dieting for the past 25 years but now it is making me so miserable. I think about how big I am every minute of the day. I think every time someone looks at me or talks to me they are saying to themselves 'God she is so fat ( I am tall and a size 18 - Big bones - LOL)

What do I do now because it seems that no matter what I do I cannot shift the weight unless it is with a VLCD.

I like slimming world and wandered if doing that with the C25K and maybe using the techniques suggested in the Beck Diet Solution (to help with self sabotaging) it would be like a three pronged attack.

I am so desperate for some advice - please be gentle with me.
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Hey, welcome to the forum :)

I don't know about the other diets, but SW works, REALLY works. you just have to be patient and follow it correctly and the weight will come off.

good luck!
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((( ))) hun i feel for u hun.I have been dieting for aleast the last 10 years but most I have ever lost i've lost on sw this time i'm more relax I allow myself treats and if I fall of the wagon one day thats ok I just get back on it. I'm in no hurry to lose the weight cause I know I'm gonna eat this way for the rest of my life.
I use paul mckenna with sw and it works great.

hun the most important think u have to remeber hun is what other people think of you is none of your bussiness.
basically unless we ask a person what they think of us we can't possiable know and they probably don't think anything like what we think they do they could be thinking wow shes so tall I wish I was that tall cause everyone of us has hang ups even the ones that appear so confident.
the other thing is hun in this day and age size 18 isn't big so rather than them thinking u r fat I bet they don't even notice You. you have the power to make them notice you not because you are slim but with your confidence you will gain as you lose weight and start to feel better about yourself.
start to treat yourself with some respect hun would you speak about others in the way you speak qabout yourself I bet not.
You are amazing hun, you are beautiful hun and you are unquie because everybody is.
If you aren't happy with yourself hun you and only you have the power to change that and ok you will trip up along the way but thats ok as long as you get up again.
good luck hun I know you can do it.


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To escape from the yo-yo scenario you have to be prepared to make permanent changes to your lifestyle. You can do any number of plans that will help you get to target, but if you then go back to eating what you did pre-plan then of course the weight will go straight back on.

So a decision to move to SW is a great first step towards this as the plans are so flexible that it won't even seem like you're dieting, you can easily work around social events that might on other plans knock you off the wagon, and if you are prepared to make changes then it is sustainable in the long-term. Just look at me - I eat more now than i did before SW but what I eat is healthy, high quality food, I got to target in 11 months and have been there for the past 9 years. When I got to target the consultant told the group that I "had done everything right" meaning that I just followed the plan as it is laid out.

Exercising will of course help, not only in losing the weight (although not as much as you might expect) but in toning up your body as well. There are added benefits in that exercise releases endorphines that improve your mood and from the sounds of it you are feeling quite down at the moment. Many GP practices now prescribe exercise rather than anti-depressants for this very reason. So the Couch to 5K is a great way of making a start at including some exercise into your daily routine. I would say go for it!

I'm afraid I don't know about the other plan you mention. Perhaps you could explain a bit more about what it involves? i wouldn't be surprised if you find that youa re eating so normally and happily on SW that you don't feel the need to sabotage yourself in the ways you might on a VLCD plan.

Good luck!
Thank you

Thank you to all who replied.

I had a good chat with myself last night and also with hubbie.

I am going to join SW tonight.

When I read what I had written I felt quite sad and if it had been anyone but me I would have known what to say and how to help, i am obviously too close to the problem and I think so consumed by it that I really am not thinking straight.

So thank you again so much you don't realise what a help you have been - I will let you know how I get on


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Yo Yo diets ey?? think weve all been there and done that one. The thing with SW is it really is a way of life, changing the way we look at food and health.
While following the SW healthy eating plan I have discovered several things.
Firstly my whole family eats a more healthy and balanced diet, i know in the morning what is on the menu for the day ahead, where as before it would get to tea time and i would think " oh god i cant be bothered what's in the freezer? " which was generally whatever went with chips!!
I have also discovered i can actually cook, and i do like most fruit and vegetables ( what a surprise that was!!)
I shop with a shopping list and stick to it, if it wasnt on the list it wasnt important and so spend less money.
Although each of these is small its a step to taking control, which inturn will start to build your confidence which will inspire you to carry on with what you are doing.
I dont know if its your type of thing but paul makenna has books and CD's which could help, i know he does a diet one but i was thinking more along the lines of his confidence book. Well done for making the decision to join SW, let us know how you get on x


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Welcome to the forum. Until I joined SW I also yo-yo dieted & was terribly self concious about how I looked/what people thought of me etc etc. Now though my whole life has changed, I am so much more confident & have realised that eating healthily & doing SW is a lifelong thing, I don't want or need to try anything else now, I enjoy eating now & am no longer self concious about it & if people still don't like me then what the hell there are lots of others that do. The only advice I would give you is realise that this is not a 'quick fix', the weight will come off but it will come off at a healthy speed, these fad diets where you lose a stone in two weeks are destined for failure as no-one can keep that up long term, be healthy & still have fun!

Good luck & keep us all informed of how you go on.


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I'm like the queen of yo-yo dieting so I feel for you! I also know exactly what you mean by the all-consuming feelings, I can't even walk down a street without thinking about what others are thinking.

But, I'm working out that if I can lose this time, the most ever in one go, I can do it and believe me if I can do it, anyone can. My personal plan is going Low GI, (mostly lol), and it's the first that's ever truly worked for me. That and AquaFit to go with it :)

Just wanted to wish you loads of luck and look forward to reading more about your losses :)


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