Can I join you??

My name is Libby and am an old hand at SW, I am a 1.5st over my target weight after having my 3 baby 16 months ago, I have decided I need to shift it now as my brother gets married in June so I want to look nice.

I am not going to classes as I can't afford to at the moment so will try really hard and go solo (with your help) I have all my books so fingers crossed I should be able to do it!

I look forward to chatting with you all

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hi libby

il join you as its day 1 of cd for me, i could probably do with your expert help!! i had a baby 6 months ago and cant shift the weight whilst at home on maternity leave!!

together we could get through the weeks!

blush x
Once you get into the swing of things its easy!!!
I just need the will power to stick with it over weekends as they are my down point! Too much socialising goes on in my house!

I've not done too bad so far today
Brekkie - big bowl fruit - banana, apple, grapes, melon
Lunch - bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes & tom K (1syn)
Tea - spag bol using pasta as HE.

I've done abig food shop online so I don't get tempted to buy any naughty things!


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Hi, i'm another newbie - i did sw for a while in the summer but i wasn't in the right frame of mind for dieting due to illness. All better now and looking foward to sticking to the plan, but not going to any classes for the time being!

Day one going well so far :) keeping a food diary and planning my meals so hopefully i'll do well.

Want to lose 2 stone


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Hi Libby and welcome aboard, we will help you as much as we can, theres loads of advice here and check out the recipe thread for great ideas. xxx


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hi everyone. first day on sw today and its going well. i had me porridge with bananna and some grilled mackrel for brekkie.
gonna have me lunch at about 3 as i dont want to get to hungry and finish all me food to early tonight.
cant deal with the 250 amount of milk your allowed as im used to having about ten cups of tea a 4 stone to loose

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Hi have you tried switching to skimmed milk instead? you can have half a pint of that and if you really like your tea, its something to consider.
I didnt think that I could make the change from semi-skimmed to skimmed, but you do actually get used to it!
Good luck with your journey!