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can i just say something about ketosis

ok everyone seems to be saying the sticks are not working can i just say i worked on a gyne ward for 6 years and when a lady came in with bad pregnacy sickness they normaly had 4+++ ketones in urine and our treatment wasnt food carns ext it was sickness pills ( to stop sickness ) but fluids lots of bags of IV fluids till keytones were gone so may they are not showing up as you drink so much water on this diet they tend to show more when youre dehydrated ihope this helpspeoplenot focuson it so much just drinking the amount of water can make them not show up
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Yes, i found this to be true also. The last time i was in ketosis, it would only show on the sticks first thing in the morning, and usually only if i didn't drink much before i went to bed, although i knew i was in keto the rest of the time too.


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That's the reason why they are not to be relied upon.
If you are drinking plenty/enough water then the stix should be pale pink anyway because the ketones have been diluted....when they are dark, it often means we are dehydrated which is why they are dark in morning because we haven't usually had a drink from the previous day.
Also, ketones can be released through your breath, which is why we get that horrid taste which means we don't always show ketones in our pee anyway.
Ketostix aren't designed to be used by people on a vlcd so is it any wonder we get so many inaccurate results? If I pee on a stick and see I'm in ketosis it makes no difference to my outlook on the diet or the results I'll get so why bother :) most shops won't even sell them to you if they know they're being used as a diet aid. Just wait for the death breath, its free and once ur in ketosis u can't miss it lol x

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I dunno. I LIKE ketostixs. Using them I know with certainty whether I'm in ketosis or not. And what ketosis feels like. And how feeling bad can be caused by allowing high levels of ketones to build up in the blood- anything over mid purple affects my mood. They amuse me. I'm a bit of a nerd. I read the dictionary. I like playing with ketostix. Sue me

Suppose its down to personal opinion really...just see so many people get demotivated when they dont get the result they want from the ketostix xx
see im not saying dont use them but im saying if youre drinking enuff water unless its the first pee in the morning youre likely to get a negative result i dont know if any of you have suffered bad morning sickness ( i have i always get very ill my first i droped to 7st threw it ) but if you have you know that sweaty dizzy horried feeling thats because youre dehydrated and thats why you get massis of keytones once youre hydrated againe they no longer show up in urine . i just wanted to reasure people that just because they havent shown up dont mean youre not in ketosis it more than likely means youre drinking enuff water

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