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Can i make normal mince syn free??

People say they drain off the fat and then rinse it with boiling water through a sieve, but it doesn't make it syn free in my opinion as not all the fat will be cooked out.

Just syn it if you have the syns to spare
you can make a bolognaise sauce using tinned tomatoes or passata, i do it with garlic onions mushrooms or any other veggies you fancy, bit of tomato puree (think thats a few syns) worcester sauce and I usually just throw any herbs in that I fancy, there will be a proper recipe on here for it somewhere

would be virtually free aslong as your doing an EE day
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hi babybuffy84 (great name) i know most people probably buy the extra lean mince but i always buy the normal mince and dry fry then tip in a collander to drain it i don't suppose this makes it syn free but i never count it as syns and still lose weight, good luck :)
Extra lean is way too expensive...have to dissagree with ASDA doing 2 packs for £5......

Another alternative you could look at is turkey breast mince....


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I do buy the ASDA extra lean, but its still way more expensive than regular mince.

I do try the dry fry then rinse with boiling water method if I dont have extra lean - thats fine for spag bol, chilli etc, but doesnt really help if you are making something that requires the mince to be formed into shapes (burgers, meatballs etc)

What really annoys me though is the amount of recipes in the Slimming World recipe books/magazines that require extra lean pork or lamb mince. I look in the shops every time I go - I've never found any!! Short of having a reasonably priced, friendly local butcher to make some fresh mince from a lean cut of meat for you (which I dont, local butcher is very expensive and not really cost effective to trawl around) I'm not sure how you are supposed to make those recipes.


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Only one I get here is tesco healthy living mince....sure it's free?? I drain the fat off anyway just in case. If my weight slows then I might consider syning it :)


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stefanie-the tesco healthy living mince is the extra lean!

i usually buy the extra lean in tesco its 2.80 or 2 for £5 of 500g, which i guess is ok but the big packs of "lean" mince is 850g £3.83 so i have been known to buy it and dry fry and then rinse with boiling water the minimal amount of fat thats left on it wont hurt especially as you wont be eating the whole pack!
to the other poster who said about the extra lean pork and lamb mince i know tesco do pork, only seen in bigger stores tho but never seen the elusive lamb mince mores the pitty!
oh and buy the way extra lean is 5% lean 12% and the cheap/value mince is 20/23% fat! yummy


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yaaay even better....wish these things would say extra lean on them lol..I wasn't sure as it said healthy living beef mince!! Damn labelling :D xx
I also buy the extra lean at asda's 2 packs for a fiver :)

Out of one pack I usually make 2 meals, like shepherds pie topped with carrot & swede & the other dish would be a chilli or meatloaf type thing, so to me its not expencive that way :D
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I always drain the fat off the mince whichever one I use cos I find it gives the sauce too much grease.
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i can buy lamb mince in tescos but not the pork the only place i've seen it is asda couldn't even get it from the butcher round the corner from me don't get to asda very often need a car to get to it :(
Ive never counted mince as syns, i usually buy beef mince as its cheaper than extra-lean, just fry it..drain excess grease away then add my ingredients, still losing weight so i'm not doing anything too wrong ;)

Beef mince, extra lean, less than 5% fat, raw/cooked without fat, 100g Free Free 6½
Beef mince, less than 12% fat, 100g raw 2½ 2½ 9
Beef mince, less than 20% fat, 100g raw 6½ 6½ 12½
Beef mince, more than 20% fat, 100g raw 9 9 15

Whichever way you look at it, drained or not, only extra lean mince is syn free.
You may still be losing weight, but it's something to look at if you losses slow down. "normal" minced beef is 6.5 syns per 100g raw weight!

Not all of the fat comes out of the mince when cooked.
I go by percentage fat, >5% is syn free according to my book. and I got two packs of less than 5% fat mince for £6 from tesco today!
I also bought some quorn mince for days I fancy spagbol but want to save my syns lol.


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I use my george foreman to drain the fat off it works great!
If it wasn't extra lean when you started cooking it, it would have to be synned. Extra lean comes from a leaner part of the cow, usually where you would get steak from (that is why it is more expensive )

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