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Can I pick your brains?

S: 18st9lb G: 9st0lb
Hi all,

I was planning to go up to visit my sister later next month (and was hoping to have lost another half stone) but when I chatted to her yesterday and we compared diaries we realised the only time we can get together is with me driving up on Sunday morning.:character00182:

This is not a problem coz, although she doesn't know I'm on LT, my mum has told her I have lost weight. I will have to tell her about LT but I'd rather do that face to face.:party0016:

My dilemma is, Monday is my WI day, I will have to go into my chemist to get more packs, probably Friday, but do I get weighed then just 4 days after my last WI? I will be at my sisters till Wednesday night or Thursday morning. Do I then get weighed again next Friday? Or shall I just get more packs then not get weighed until the following Monday?:scale:

Your musings on this would be gratefully received!

Thank you.


P.S. My sister's laptop is broken so I won't be able to get online while I'm up there so I will miss you all.:wave_cry:Mind you, she lives not far from Manchester Airport so maybe I'll be lucky enough to see one of you Manchester-based babes up there!:gen126:
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Hmm, I would collect the packs before you go but perhaps not get weighed. Either you will
1. get weighed too early this week and you may be disappointed with only a small loss or
2. You get weighed Friday see a big loss but be disappointed again on Monday. the third option would be
3. To get weighed next Friday then switch to Friday weigh in if you can. Or, finally,
4. Miss this weigh in all together and get weighed week on Monday.

The last option would see 2 weeks loss. Treat it as an experiment perhaps and see what results you get.

hope this helps.
Shall I look for a blue haired fairy flying over my house in Manchester this weekend then??



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Hey Cuddly Wuddly,... if you can weight (get it) just get weighed after 2 weeks rather than mess with your routine otherwise as Monkey says you might be disappointed etc lets face it how excited are you going to be when you can feel it coming off but cant have it confirmed - the suspense will burn up extra cals too:cool::cool:
S: 18st9lb G: 9st0lb
Lol Keeley! Not blue haired, golden brown (well that's what it says on the box!!!) Whereabouts in Manchester are you?

S: 18st9lb G: 9st0lb
You are both right, maybe I'll just get my packs. I don't think my sis has any scales (no need as she is a skinnyminnie so is happy coz she has put ON weight lately!!!!) Not sure if I can last 2 weeks though!

2HG, whereabouts are you?

S: 18st9lb G: 9st0lb
She's south of Manchester, in Cheshire, not far from the airport.



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You are both right, maybe I'll just get my packs. I don't think my sis has any scales (no need as she is a skinnyminnie so is happy coz she has put ON weight lately!!!!) Not sure if I can last 2 weeks though!

2HG, whereabouts are you?


Sale... near the airport !!! typical i'm visiting my parents in the Midlands from Sunday for a few days - you must let me know next time you're up and we'll meet up for a coffee and a bun (Oh god did I really say that!):eek::D:eek:
S: 18st9lb G: 9st0lb
Wow 2HG, Sale isn't that far (according to the map!) we will defo meet up next time - although heavens knows when that will be!!!

Have a great time at your parents, if you are back before late Wednesday let me know.

Keeley, gaps in fences here we come!!!!


rainbow brite

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Hey Cuddly :) I'd definitely go for the double whammy two week WI myself, that way you see a nice big loss :) I hope you have a fantastic time away doll :)


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Hey hun, i would get your packs to take with you and wait to get weighed. I hope you have a great time hun - we'll miss you! xx :wave_cry:
Yup, in agreeance, get your shakes, then weigh in 2 weeks, big loss= smug grin!!!
T x


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Yes i agree. Get the packs and go for the 2 week weigh in. It will be a big one and u'll be delighted.
Waite until ur sister sees you. Shes in for some shock. I love that buzz. Will miss u 2 girl. Enjoy.
S: 18st9lb G: 9st0lb
Thank you girls, I will go for the 2 week WI and have everything crossed.

I am really going to miss everyone on here. I just hope sis and nieces keep us really busy otherwise it is going to be soooooooo hard!

I am a little nervous about telling her about LT. She is a nurse and a real worrywart. I shall emphasize that it was my doc who recommended it and hopefully she will support me. She had an eating disorder for nearly 20 years so she should be happy that I've finally found a diet I can stick to.

I shall miss the Monday Club WI so good luck to you all and I'll look forward to catching up with all your good news when I get back. Also good luck to the Tuesday and Wednesday WI's. I know you'll all do me proud.


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