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Can I swap plans half way through the day


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I had planned on having a red day today, and after a disaster with my cooking had to have a green lunch. I thought I would then go extra easy and then remembered that I read somewhere about swapping meals. I had planned to have spag bol for dinner. So this is my plan, can u tell me if this is okay.

Breakfast : magic porridge and berries

lunch: jacket, beans and salad with x2 hex a cheese (green)

dinner: spag bol with free meat and sauce then have x1 hex b and sins for pasta.

I just don't fancy having to eat loads of veg and salad with my bolognaise.

Would this (as a one off, or I will confuse myself) be okay??
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Have you or are you going to have 2 healthy a's and b's????

only thing with changing to extra easy if you have is that you will have to syn the other healthy extras as you know you can only have one of each!!
I am not so sure that this is ok as you would be having 2 HEX B - could you syn the pasta? Then it would be spot on.

I am no expert though!!!


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if over the whole day you are only having 1 HEA and 1 HEB and free foods its fine to swap - i started off having today as a red day, but as i am off to have a curry tonight (rice and meat) ive swapped to a EE day - and now cant have my babybels and extra alpen lights i had planned, but it fits in better for me!

Review the day and see what works best for you hun! It wont hurt swapping half way through as long as the entire day fits into one of the plans, EE , Green or Original (red) xxx


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Sorry, I didn't explain myself very clearly. I was going to swap to a red.

I could swap to extra easy and syn the extra cheese, but I read somewhere u can mix and match meals


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I found this info about Mix 2 Match after doing a search:

"With Mix 2 Match you decide whether to go Green or Original for each meal. You are allowed 3 meals a day and you can have 3 or 4 Healthy Extras each day. This does mean that any snacks or starters you have in the day you have to count as syns had they been free on one of the plans. This doesn't apply if the food is free on both plans. So if you are having melon as a starter it is free whereas smoked salmon would have to be syned even if you were having an Original dinner. You have to take the syn value from the opposite plan so in this case it would be Green and therefore be 2 syns per 28g. You get the same amount of syns a day (between 5 and 15)"

You could do this for today hun, then go back to whichever plan you fancy!! :) However, if you put lots of veggies (tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, onions, carrots) in your bolognese you'd have your 1/3 of veggies already built into the meal. If you swapped to EE you'd only need to syn one of the cheese portions, as the pasta would br free so you wouldn't need to use Hex's or Syns.

Sian xx
Sorry hon, I thought you were changing to extra easy. I wouldn't get too worked up anyway either way, if its just a one off. These things happen anyway hon.


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Mix2Match - is a good plan, I do it quite often, I have a green plan lunch and and a red plan dinner, so maybe you can try this plan occassionly, you still have 5-15 syns and your HEX's too.

Check out my food diaries if you need to, it may explain it better for you.


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Yeah- I did Mix2Max all the time before EE came along- SW have actually got rid of it now because of EE, but the principles still work. I guess having green, red, ee, success express AND mix2max was just one plan too many!!!

Basically you can make your meal either red OR geen and you can have 2 B's and 1 or 2 As, but your snacks have to be superfree

its like an early version of ee.2/3 of plate must be filled with superfree food. Remaining 1/3 you have red/green/both.No weighing just make sure that you don't have a anormal 2/3 superfree and then pile the 1/3 with the rest so thats out of proportion. I find ee much better.
EE sounds better because it's only 1/3 superfree. Thanks for the info though :)

I am a new member so have only done EE. To be honest I don't see the huge difference between that and red/green. I know you can have more HEX's on red/green but don't you just end up using them for either meat or potatoes/ pasta etc which if you were doing EE would be free anyway? I know, of course, that with EE you have to have 1/1 Superfree but with red/green you don't but other than that what are the benefits?

Sorry to hijack - I'm just confused!


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Thanks guys!! I went for EE and syned the cheese
Mix2Match - is a good plan, I do it quite often, I have a green plan lunch and and a red plan dinner, so maybe you can try this plan occassionly, you still have 5-15 syns and your HEX's too.

Check out my food diaries if you need to, it may explain it better for you.
I would like to try mix2match, but don't know where to look for your food diaries?


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from what I remember on Mix 2 Match (or was it Mix 2 Max?) - you decided at each meal whether it was red or green.........so you would still have 2 heb's and 1 or 2 hea's per day from the usual list.

then lunch could have been red maybe - a meat salad with dressing (synned dressing) and then tea/dinner would be maybe green - pasta or rice or potatoes with veggies. However, you could only eat in between meals whatever was FREE on both plans unless you synned the snacks - so if you wanted a 'pasta n sauce' (sorry don;t know if these are still free on green these days - but they were free at the time) - you would have had to syn the pasta n sauce because it wasn't free on red.

Does that make any sense? HTH

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