1. Hi,
    I get a sore hip now and again and when it's bad I take voltarol for it but you're supposed to take it with food. I took one yesterday after a tetra and one after my 810 meal but I felt sick and sore tummy all day. I feel fine today so I'm sure it was the voltarol that caused it. Will the nausea settle down or shouldn't I be taking it at all? I was thinking maybe today have one with my cd bar and one with my 810meal. Should that be ok?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

    T x
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  3. cherylxx

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    hiya T,
    sorry to hear ur in pain.
    It really depends on how sensitive ur tummy is.
    I have to take Tramadol which is a pain relief drug that needs to be taken with or after food.
    for a few days i did feel sickly and it did settle.
    i have it about 40 minutes after having my bar and again after my jelly+tetra mousse trifle.
    However, ive taken voltarol before CD (although i can no longer take it due to liver problems) and i was always fine But my mother used them after a knee replacement and they constantly made her sick (even after a large meal).
    i would stick with them for a few days and if the nausea continues perhaps ask for a different painkiller which is a little easier on the tummy.
    gl with it and hope the pain eases soon.
  4. cee-cee

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    Definitely seek your doc's advice on this one. I have taken voltoral for bad back, but any anti-inflammatory drugs can upset the tum (such as ibroprufen). So if you are having a bad reaction, tell your doc, or at least a pharmacist.
  5. lillypop

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    I take it.

    I make sure I take it just after a bar or milkshake. I'm not sure if this is the right thing to do but it works for me and doesnt make me feel sick at all. I risked it because of my jaw sometimes it kills so bad so I took 1 instead of 2, and I was OK but I would seek advice if you are really worried
  6. annie_d

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    I take an anti sickness tablet to counterbalance. Domperidone or Maxalon!
  7. Oh that's interesting. Do I need to see the doc to get that or is it available over the counter?


  8. great things

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    i had a bad back - an on and off thing. i took volterol with no ill effects for about a week.
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