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Can I Weigh Myself Now???

Hi Tanya,
Personally I don't weigh in between weigh days...I think you can become obsessed which I don't think is healthy. Also, if I have lost weight it means that I kinda don't try so hard for the rest of that week, so I could in theory loose more! Obviously it's up to you....but if you can 'weight' then I'd wait.

Good luck
Yeah I get what you`re saying so I`ll leave it until weigh in day.

Tanya xx
Yeah what the hell!!!! LOL!!!
Nope I bottled it!! I`m scared of the result! I`ll wait.


Strutting her stuff
If you can honestly say that you will not feel depressed and upset if you look at the scales and see a gain then by all means step on the scales. But by the sound of it you're not in the state of mind where that would happen. If they show a gain will you be tempted to say "what the heck I might as well have something high calorie" or will you comfort yourself by reaching for something high calorie? If you think this is more of a possibility then I would say definitely don't get on the scales!
purple fish, I'm pleased you bottled it....For me I find it exciting and all part of the loosing weight story and process of weighing just once a week. I try to do it at roughly the same time every week to give the most accurate reading. My weight tends to fluctuate throughout the week and throughout the day - so to be true to myself once a week is enough.

If you do give in to temptation, as Circes says don't be tempted to eat rubbish because you think you can, or if you've put weight on, don't think well it doesn't matter now anyway - keep strong and good luck.

Proper weigh in day today and I lost 5lbs!! Woo hoo!!
Thats fantasic.. Well Done hun. Congrats x
Well done :D.

When you say WW core plan- is that just the normal plan or a "special" one ;).

Still getting used to the WW talk.:eek:
To be honest i didn`t realisi I was following a particular plan until someone told me that what i was doing seemed similar to the old WW core plan!
All I do is eat 3 healthy meals a day and made my portions slightly smaller.
Well done Purplefish - really pleased for you.. Pleased you waited for your weigh in day, try to wait again this week.

Congrats again, and keep going for this week

good luck

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