can' lose any weight


Morning all,

i followed the cd for a montha nd lost 2 stone in september, since then have tried to get back on it but just can't do it so decided to follow weight watchers have been following for 6 weeks no loss have only put on or stayed the same, does cambridge muck up your matabolism when you go back eating normally, and if so how long does it take for your body to get back to normal?

any help would be very appriciated

ninaxxxx very unhappy ninaxx:( :( :( :(
I'd really like to hear the answer to this one as I came off LL last year, stuffed for 3 weeks of christmas, gained 20 pounds, went on WW and got weighed today to have GAINED 1 pound.

I'm assuming LL has stuffed my body up big time...any tips or advice would be great...hope there's hope!

I don't think a VLCD stuffs up your metabolism as such (well, not permenantly anyway) ...
As we lose weight, we actually need fewer calories to propel our lighter bodies around if people eat an amount they used to maintain on in the past, they're likely to gain weight. So it can SEEM as if their metabolism is messed up.

Have you worked out your BMR? Giving people a blanket 'calorie allowance' which doesn't take into account age, height and current weight etc might be one factor why you're not losing weight at an acceptable rate.
Here's a link to a BMR calculator .... it gives you an idea of how many cals you need if you just lay in bed all day. Obviously, you can increase the calorie deficit by upping your activity levels.

BMR Calculator

For example, mine comes back at 1561 per day. So if I ate that amount and did zilch, I'd maintain. By getting up in the morning and walking about, I start creating a deficit. If I then add a couple of exercise sessions a week plus a brisk walk per day, I increase the deficit, if I knock a few hundred cals off my daily allowance the gap widens even more .... and so on

Bear in mind, there has to be a 3500 calorie deficit to lose just 1lb of fat.
Hope the scales start moving (in the right direction!) for you soon!
Hi Debbie, I've just worked mine out and I need 2024 to maintain my weight and I've eaten far fewer calories per day than that this week and I have exercised 3 times (although 1 session of 1.5hrs was of yoga, not sure if that is classed as exercise).

Looking like LL has stuffed me up then :-(
Funny this subject should come up now!!!

I am just reading through Patrick Holfords "The Holford Diet and Fatburner System". It is VERY interesting reading. He talks about just this point, that any sort of diet that restricts your intake of anything be it fat, carbs, protein etc does, he says, mess around with your metabolism. He also claims that his diet does not ..... but then I suppose he would!

Anyway, he says that the key to proper weight maintenance is the management of your blood sugar levels, and to avoid peaks and troughs that cause cravings.

The basic principles of his diet are that you avoid any stimulants (such as caffeine) because they mess with the bodys receptors that act on receipt of chemicals indicating hunger, being full etc etc

He says that you need to eat a meal that consists of low-GL carbs, protein, and veggies ....... He reckons that his diet can sort out your body so that it is working properly in 30 days ......

The "diet" (way of eating rather than mechanism for losing weight) is then for life, and because of what you are eating and the combinations the body will naturally tend towards its ideal weight and composition.

All sounds like Xanadu to me, but he does seem to know his stuff. All that makes me wary is that different diets seem to quote from the same papers and research projects and use the results to mean different things.

I may give it a go to see how it is, but I may struggle with giving up coffee completely .... which he requires for strict adherence to his diet ......

I may think on this a little longer :)

my bmr cames out as 1738.05 i am following ww which says 23 points so not sure how many cals this is?
I would say that it was about 1300 cal (very approx...might be a bit under).

So, say you don't do any extra exercise, you are going to have about approx 500 calorie deficit. You should lose approx 1lb a week on that.

How long it will take you to get back to the normal metabolic level will depend on how long you were on it/how well you kept to it etc.

Regardless...I would give it a good month before you decide whether it's for you or not:)
As far as my own weight loss is concerned, I know I can't just eat 'X number of cals' and lose weight - it's what those cals consist of that seems to hold the key. I was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome a couple of years ago and this is apparently linked to insulin resistance and this in turn to the fact I developed diabetes.

I'm not a scientist or a doctor but as far as I'm aware, this is to do with the way my body metabolises carbohydrates and the way it uses insulin. Consequently, more of the carbs in my diet are converted straight to fat (and most of that as fat around my stomach) instead of being utilised as energy. So when it comes to dieting, eating a diet high in carbs (even if it was within my calorie allowance) would slow down my losses.

So I find I have to keep my carb levels (especially refined carbs) to a minimum in order to lose weight.
I think for most of us it's a case of shuffling our eating plans around until we hit on the one that does the trick ... it's rarely a case of 'one size fits all' when it comes to weight loss diets. It seems there's no magic bullet - if only eh?
A friend of mine went on LL and lost 5.5 stone, she stopped doing the diet over Christmas and has just returned on it. She ate , but reduced amounts than pre diet, but enough to fill her and never gained any weight over this period. Her friend however went back to eating nearly the same and her weight went up by 1 stone.
how are you tested for metabolic syndrome ?

There was no specific 'test' as such (like a single blood test) but the doctor made the diagnosis based on a number of factors which indicated the syndrome (also known as syndrome X). These include things like raised cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, high percentage of body fat around the abdomen amongst other things.

Here's a link with some more info:
InnerTalk (UK&Europe) Weight Loss CD. Patented Mind Training

Apparently, many people have the syndrome and don't even know it. These are the people who don't respond well to 'green days' (carb heavy) on Slimming World for example.
These are the people who don't respond well to 'green days' (carb heavy) on Slimming World for example.

Ooh Debbie, lightbulb moment!!! I always wondered why I wasn't losing weight whenever I did SW and now I think of it I did used to concentrate mostly on green days, hmmmm something for me to keep in mind when I am back to "eating" again, thanks darlin' you as usual are a font of all knowledge!

Hi guys,

I hope you don't mind me jumping in, but this is something I have really been thinking about.

I did cambridge from march-june last year and lost 3 1/2 stone. I stopped doing the diet and followed the slimming world plan.

Somehow, between june and now I have put on 4 stone, and I now weigh more than I did when I started last time!!:confused: :confused: :mad:

It seems like my metabolism is really messed up as I don't need to stuff myself to put on weight... it just keeps going up!

I tried to start cd again this week, but I am working on 3 essays that are due in this week so I couldn't cope with the carb-withdrawal dizziness while doing them. I'm going to re-start next week.

Is this going to be an eternal cycle of ssing until I'm happy, putting the weight back on and then having to ss again??!

Any thoughts appreciated!!
It's interesting! You see in the Lighterlife mag that there are people in there who have lost loads and are maintaining a year or more later and my CDC lost nearly 8 stone and has kept it off for more than 3 years, so it must be possible. It would be great to hear from people that have managed to maintain for a good amount of time