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Can some one send me some..



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Sorry, Vampalicious but Im out of energy as well. Could be from all the food Ive been eating over Xmas. I desperately need to get on track again, very soon. I keep on saying tomorrow......
its not that i want to cheat, i dont im not interested in food at all, im just so lethargic and tired, not to mention irratible and moody :( i havnt done a thing all day aprt from feed my baby and do the kids dinner and tea just want to go peeps lol
I was really grumpy the past few days! I put it down to the lack of normal food! feeling tired but not going to bed until late! makes no sense does it lol

hope you feel more energised soon


not for long hopefully
Hiya Vamps
I'll try and send ya some positive vibes, but you know how unreliable the Royal Mail can be, LOL.
Vamps, you're just having one of those days, only just over 3 hours left of it! Tomorrow, you'll wake up being the Vamps that we all know & love!
Be strong chick
thanks everyone, going to go have a shake and a black coffee whilst i watch big bro!!
Badger...what are brown granuals????? lol
Becky, my kids are aged 13, 9, 4 and 4 months, all girls so you can imagine what its like lol!!!
I feel pretty drained too.. being jst after crimbo and new yr doesn't help!

Hugs n love.. and some energy :D

Ive jst finished wrk.. in agian tomoz 12-8 and mon 8-8.. cn see it far enuff I tell thee :rolleyes:
I'm feeling your pain hun so can't send you any energy but just so you know, you're not alone! I've felt crappy and drained the last couple of days :( xx

LMAO!!! i cant believe i didnt get that!! DOH!! :8855:

thanks everyone, cant have early nights as i feed my baby at midnight!
SS turns me into a monster lol, i just cant help been horrible to everyone!
hey vampalicious hope you're feeling better this morning????
felt a little low last night too, and noticed i am going from highs to lows fairly often and i think i'm being rather sharp with some folk too (had a few heated exchanges with folk!)
but yeah i reckon when any of us feel like this we should just relax and go and do something else whether its make a cuppa, bath, shower, see friends, phone friends etc
or as you say watch Celeb BB which will provide some added evening entertainment next few weeks! as usual what a total mixbag of wannabes - can't wait to see the 1st arguments explode!
anyway chin up vamps and hope you've a better day!:)
aww thanks! i thought it was me that was an irratable monster lol,
i know BB is going to kick of at some point isnt it lol, think coolio is quite funny!
when dont know about today been a better day, got to go shopping for the family which i hate as i cant have anything lol
Shopping is going to be a killer for me.. think ill have to get the Fiance to do the shopping!

Im jst getting ready for work :( 12-8 x

Hope you all have good day x
thanks berry..
incognito, shopping in my worse thing whilst on CD, i dont mind people eating in front of me or anything, but when im walking round asda looking at all the lovely food, normaly id think, oh me and steve would like that for tonight and end up with loads of yummy treats, so its horrible lol,
on the plus note...the amount of money i have spare is incredible!
normaly im skint by saturday ( we normaly have 4-5 takeaaways a week!) but i still have £200 left lol, woo hoo! that means i can pop into matalan which is next door to asda and treat myself :)

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