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Can someone advise me please (Justin if he knows)

If I go on my cross trainer every day say for an hour (30 minutes each go - not a full hour at once if I broke it up) Sunday-Thursday, some weeks Sunday-Sunday, how effective would that be for weightloss?

Also if I walked just over 3 miles say 5 days a week, how effective would that be? As well as including sit ups, lunges, squats and bicep curls, etc?

Are there any other weightloss exercises that will help me lose fat from my stomach, hips and bum? What has been the most effective routine for you? And how long did it take to lose a couple of stones?

Will sit ups make my stomach flat?

Thankyou in advance.

Claire. :)
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It looks like you need a bit of variety, keep your body guessing what you're going to do next. I do a maximum of 30 mins cardio followed by some weights and it's taken me 3 years to lose 6 1/2 stone.
Reseacrh has shown that the act of a sit up, the shoulders moving towards the hips in a crunch movement is actually quite ineffective in toning up the stomach area. I'm sure if Justin is around he'll be able to advise on exercises and programmes.
Claire, the main thing to remember is that any exercise or program is only effective until your body adapts to it. And the bad news is, your body adapts to things pretty quickly, as for millions of years it has had to do this to survive!

What this means in terms of exercise is this:

If on week 1 you walk 3 miles, you may be huffing at the end. However, your body has now experienced this stress and will adapt to make sure it doesnt become a problem anymore. How does it adapt? It makes your bones, muscles and heart stronger so you essentailly become FITTER.

So what hapens if you walk 3 miles again on week 2? It feels easier right? Well the bad news is that because you've become fitter, the task has become easier, your now burning less calories performing that task. It takes less effort on your part!

This is why the real important question of exercise is "What can I do to make this exercise more difficult EVERY time I do it, so the body has to KEEP adapting, and therefore changing shape?"

Basically, what im saying is that it doesnt matter if you do 5 miles in 3 parts, or 5 miles over 5 days, or an hour spread over time etc. If you're not progressing the exercise, you're not actually getting any calorie burning benefit from it.

What you need to do is record how long it takes you to walk 3 miles. Then each time you walk it you want to do it in a quicker time!

Ive answered a lot of these questions in my posts. Look for The Principles of Fat Loss Exercise, and the Core Conundrum. all the info you need will be there:)

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