How to combine watching TV and exercise at same time.

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  1. Cameo

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    If like me you watch telly in the evenings, then you have the perfect tool for doing regular exercise. It works like this.......

    Every program has at least 3 advert breaks per hour, each break taking 4 minutes. So each time the adverts come on, choose some sort of small exercise and do it whilst the ads are on. Mine is to do sit-ups from a lyeing down position on the sofa (see no need to even get up). I do 25 sit ups each ad break. 2 hours of telly = 150 sit ups done. HOW EASY IS THAT.

    My surgeon told me that doing sit ups from a flat on the floor position is not a good idea, especially for women who have had children or stomach surgrey. He says you are far better doing them from a semi lying position i.e on the sofa with head resting on the sofa arm rest. And believe me its dead easy to do them from this position.

    But any exercise will do. Just do it in the TV ads, and its easy peasy. And in case you are all wondering YES I do have a very flat stomach, even though I carry extra weight elsewhere on my body, (hips and bum) my tum is fairly flat and has been ever since I started doing this a few years ago.
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  3. ursula

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    You just nearly motivated me to do that hahaha XD That's a really good idea, I get so self conscious though!!
  4. CatA

    CatA Gold Member

    Oooooh good idea!

    I tend to do my pilates DVD alongside watching telly so this would add in more exercise!

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