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Can someone check my 1st EE day pls?

I know youre supposed to have 1/3 of plate full of veg and the like but lunch was all veg...so erm?!

B: 2 eggs and some ham

Snack: 2 Alpen hexb Coffee Hexa

L: Roast Butternut squash, quorn, tomatoes, corgettes, Kidney beans, Mushrooms, onions, peppers.

D: Pasta, home made pesto (9syns) and tinned tuna in brine.

Snack:Might have some strawberries and a Muller light later.

So how does this sound for EE??
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I know there is a thread somewhere that says that as long as you eat 1/3rd of you daily food intake as Superfree then thats ok on EE, so with that in mind, this should be OK. I think it has to do with portion size of the rest of the day though. i.e. if you have large breakfast, smallish superfree lunch then large evening meal it won't equate to 1/3 through the day. Did that make sense? I'm sure some-one with more experience will point you in the right direction if I'm wrong :)
Lunch funnily enough was my biggest meal! Ok, good to know im on the right track thank you :)


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If you don't have one third of your plate with superfree veg at dinner think how much more pasta and pesto you can fit on the plate . . . . veg low in calories in comparison xx


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I think you may need to bump up your Superfree's. It doesnt have to be on the same plate, but it does have to equate to 1/3 of your meal, so, you could have had an apple/pear or other fruit after your ham and eggs this morning, whilst your evening meal could have had some S/free veg in the pasta, a side salad, or again some fruit as a dessert (or even a quick starter, I ate an apple in the last few minutes of cooking our supper this evening).


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Different people say different things but my c said that the 1/3 has to be with every meal.
That's certainly the ideal I think because it physically reduces the free/synnable foods on the plate so you eat less of them. If you eat them after then you've already consumed the free foods by the time you get to the superfree but it's better than none at all I suppose.


I want to be fitter again
Even then I'm told to have fruit with it
That actually doen't make sense because it is just increasing your calorie intake unecessarily because it doesn't reduce the amount of cereal you are eating. having fruit on your cereal will NOT help you lose weight other than if it stops you picking in between mealsx

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