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Can someone explain ....

I guess that you are getting rid of your glycogen stores, which will have built up during the times you were eating ( usually 4-5lbs). Thats the only thing I can think of!


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I used to be a WW helper and often people who had been really 'good' wouldn't show a loss until the following week.
Shame really, can leave you disheartened thinking you have been a saint and not lost weight.
used to make me gobble more thinking I was a failure till I realised that my body took 2 weeks to catch up!
As to why? sorry I have no idea!

Our bodies are the most amazing piece of 'kit' - i just wish i appreciated mine more!

M xx
Thanks for your help ladies. I shall look up glycogen stores on Google and see if I can glean any more information.

Diva2b - I did the same on WW if I had a bad week, it is so soul-destroying to STS or lose half a pounds when you've tried really hard all week.


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Yep...ditto the glycogen/water retention. When you think you have put weight on, you'll have just replaced the water/glycogen and maybe have still lost that week. Once back on the wagon and in ketosis the scales will show the true loss from the week previously.


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I always remember my SW days when someone told me, that the body takes about 2 weeks to catch up properly (apart from glycogen - as we all know how quick we lose and gain that back!)..

Thanks Shazpaz - your "during" photo looks fab!

Thanks Nikki and best of luck on your CD journey. No doubt you've read that week 1 is the worst, but after that it really is easy ... honest!


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Thanks hun. I cannot wait to post a 'after' photo.

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