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can someone kick me please


please try again
been messing about recently. my wee baby started school and is covered in bruises from falls. its a special school, 9 kids to 4 staff and one boy needs 2 to 1 most days so shes not beeing watched enough with her cerebral palsy to try and save her.
also got a 9 page report pointing out from different therapists everything thats wrong with her :(

really need to get on the straight and narrow now, no more senic route!
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*kicks* though I'm not sure you actually deserve that!

It must be so upsetting to see your baby coming home from school covered in bruises - is there any way you can have a word with the school to ask them for her to have extra support?
would talk to the school about your concerns, obviously if your happy and content the diet will work better. just informally ask them - you've noticed your daughter has a few bruises when she came home and can they explain how it happened and if its a regular ocurence then they need to spend more time looking out for her


please try again
oh i know how theyve happened. they let her climb a climbing frame un aided ( she has diplegia so her legs are affected ) and she fell off it. she also fell and hit her head walking as she has no saving reflex ( head hits first, doesnt put hands out ), another was caused by a boy with autism, he picks on small children and my girls smallest there. and another was the boy who needs 2 to 1. he was with a teacher and my girl was with a different teacher who had her and a girl in a wheelchair, neither noticed the boy had her by the hair hitting her head ( i was other side of the room ready to take her home )

no other school she can go to as governmment keeps closing special schools and mainstream rejected her

cant get anyone to do a real 1 to 1 with her until i can get the lea to agree to statement her

just want to go arrrrrrrgh
hey - sorry to hear R havin tough time at school...that must be very upsetting for you :(

not gonna kick you...just wanted to send you a big :hug99:

lotsa love

Debz xx
I work in a special school and I'm sorry but that practice doesn't go on in all places. I think I'd make a complaint. It kids are aggressive or have tendencies where children need to be watched then they are watched and the others protected. believe me i have worked with children with very challenging behaviour and attacks on other children are kept to bare minimum. It is our job to protect them??? make me angry when I work in a class of 6 with 3 staff mostly 2 watching whilst at play and we never have incidents


please try again
hi debz nice to "see" you

im sure she will toughen up soon :(
they want her to wear a special helmet to protect her head and waiting on splints to help her walking so maybe the falls will become less frequent. shes just so small :(


please try again

this is a pic of my wee girl taken recently

shes just teeny but i need to lose the weight cos lifting her isnt going to get any easier

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