Need to vent - kick in the pants.....


Sorry to vent but its necessary.
Here's the background. My eldest started school recently and has been getting picked on by this particular kid (he also picked on her last year in nursery).
Long story short, I don't like the kid. At all. :mad: I know he's a child, and that my judgement is coloured by the fact that he is picking on my girl, but in addition to that, he is a sneaky sly child also. He is the sort of kid that causes trouble/fights for others and then gets out of the way so that they take the fall. He is also a bully and regularly gets told off by the teachers for hitting other children. My girl isn't the only one he "goes for". :(
Anyhoo, to cut to the chase so to speak. I've been fiddling about with VLCD (first LL and now CD) for the last 9 months. On the wagon, off the wagon, half on half off, where is the bloomin' wagon! :confused: :confused: Some of you may know what I mean. If you don't, then the only thing I can say is "STAY ON THE BL00DY WAGON" as its a nightmare to get back on it if you come off. :eek:
Anyway, I digress. Today I've received the KICK in the pants that I've needed. My eldest turned to me this afternoon and said "mummy, C** said that you need to go on a diet because you're fat". :eek: :( Talk about a conversation stopper. We were in Vic Reeves joke territory, complete with tumbleweed. :(
There has never been a truer cliche than out of the mouths of babes.
My first reaction was to think "well, his mum's not exactly twiggy either!" :cool: :mad: Childish I know but there it is. Then I felt like strangling the little sod (the boy, not my daughter). Then my rational head took over and I thought, well I can't be angry with the kid for speaking the truth for once can I? :( I sort of went through mortification (my parents and uncle were there at the time), anger, petulance and guilt within seconds. Mortification because of the audience. Anger because it annoyed me, petulance because I wanted to "get my own back" and guilt because my messing about with the diet has affected my child. :( :( :(
Now I've got my nasty angry head :mad: on and I'm determined to finish this and get to a healthy weight. I don't want my girls to have a hang up about their body from my bad example. :( I don't want them to get picked on because of me. I want to be able to think to myself in a few months time "well, I lost the weight but you'll probably always be a nark" (even though I know that is totally childish but it would be satisfying to my petty inner child!). ;) :p
So today I've had 2.5ltrs so far and 2 packs. I'm feeling fairly ratty, which HAS NOT been helped by the above incident and have been a bit fluey but as I said, my nasty bl00dy minded head is in control so I'm just thinking "bring it on". :rolleyes: Every minute of feeling rough is getting me closer to goal. Every hour I manage to stick with this is another hour nearer to being a healthy weight and shape. Every day I stay on track is a day closer to proving to myself and everyone else (horrible children included) that I CAN do this. :D
Anyway, sorry for venting my spleen and boring you all, but I needed to get it of my (blooming huge but soon to be shrinking) chest. :) :p

Thanks for "listening".

Hiya M, Big Big hugs to you.

One of the reasons I am doing this diet, is because I don't want my daughter to ever call me fat or tell me her friends call me it. One day dropping her off at nursery a group of Mum and their children walked past me and one little boy said, Mummy Abigails mummy is fat. I was mortified but knew it was the truth. Every time I see that little boy I want to say just you wait and see me in a few months time!! He probably never remembers even saying it, but it will stick in my mind forever, even tho it was the truth it hurt like hell.

That thought does come into my mind everytime I wanna cheat and eat or drink something I shouldn't!

ANyway I am rambling but just wanted to send a hug and tell you you can do it, we both can and show those kids we mean business. Our children will be even prouder than they are now of us. (and they are!)

Thanks Angela

I'm just going to keep thinking of that one sentence whenever I'm tempted.

We can do this and we'll be fabulous when we get to goal.

Take care

I'll kick you if you kick me!
I'm back on the wagon, hopefully tomorrow.
From one fat mum to another!

Here it comes......


Good luck,

Bex x
LMAO! :) :)
I would have kicked earlier but I was picking up eldest from school and its difficult to drive and kick at the same time!