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can someone PLEASE helpme!!!


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Not sure if you have SSed for all of the 10 weeks, assuming you have; you must now stabilise before introducing any other meal plan. Else you will gain weight no matter how healthy your foo choices are.

Stabilisation takes a few weeks and after that then WW would seem to be a good idea. Your CDC will help you with the details:)
Many thanks for that but I really dont want to go to my CDC as I feel I have let her and me down. But I have 2 small kids and with Xmas , birthdays and a Disney holiday coming up moneys too tight to mention. So in laymans terms shall I give it a week or so beofre I do anything.


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firstly you have not let anybody down....CD is not for everyone..you have done brilliantly so far, it would be a shame to put that back on. I think you should have a chat with your CDC and explain the situation they may suggest to try the 1000 programme first, you would only have 2 CD meals a day which would cut down on the cost.

Good luck with whatever you decide.
To be honest I am embarrassed to admit that funds are running low!!!! I have spend nearly £500 in the last 10 weeks loosing this weight and I really dont want to put it all back on. I spoke to CDC on Friday and she said try 790 for a week but it still cost 30 quid then I have to go back anfd do 1000 cals and buy more CD drinks I just thought that going to WW was a cheaper option and a more sustainable option food wise for the future Do you not think this is a good idea? I am open to any advice anyone can give.
Theres no shame at all in admitting CD isnt for you now. Youve done really well so far.

WW is a fantastic way to lose weight & allows you the freedom of being able to socialise etc... its a great diet, not that we're biased here ;)

Im sure you'll love WW if you try it but I cant comment on what effect it would have coming straight from CD. Other people certainly have made the change with no great problems :)

Good luck whatever you decide :)


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Have you seen the Lipotrim refeed plan? LT works on the same principle as CD, so give that a go. You'd only need 8 shakes for a week. Failing that, do WW, but do it with minimal carbs for a couple of weeks.

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