can someone pls help


i joined the cambridge diet last 3 weeks, i lost over a stone in my first week and 2pounds in my 2nd week but my problem is l keep craving for chicken, i've had chicken like fourtimes since i started and yesterday i eat pizza, i feel really guilty. what can i do to stop cheating.
hi you

what happen to you ??

I know the first week is hard but look the wonderfull 1 stone you did loose !!

stop to do what you do you going to spoil your ketosis ...
do you drink your water ? when you feel like that drink !! 4 liters per day is for me the minimum .

tak to your councellor also he will help you because he understand your feeling . this is new for you i know ... but think today like a new day and restart seriously your diet , when you feel " food 2 come to this forum and talk feel free every time someone will respond to you and everyone here know your feeling be sure about that .

:) today new day new start and dont put yourself badly ok..

look after yourself.

exp me when i feel like you did .. i go out i do a walk and i drink lot off water. remember minimum 4 l .

sorry my english is not good but i hope i did a little push .

new day ok !:)
Hey Okwochi

I'm not doing CD or any VLCD, but cheating is the same whatever diet. I know you might feel guilty, but you'e got to put your chicken and pizza incidents behind you! Move on and stick to the CD plan. I am not 100% sure about this but doesn't CD also offer a plan where you can eat lean chicken? This could be a good compromise so that you can have some food but still have good results?

Perhaps someone else doing CD might know? Anyone out there??? Actually it is a bit early!

I can appreciate that it is tough when you crave certain foods - I do a lot, but at the end of the day I want to be slim - so I look at clothes online that I will be able to buy when I am at my target.

BTW Well Done with your loss so far - you are doing great!

Luv CC xx xx xx
If you are finding that you constantly crave chicken, have you considered doing add a meal all the time, or maybe the 790 plan.

The losses are similar, and at least you will being doing the diet correctly, rather than thinking "oh well...blown it now...what else can I find to eat"

Or maybe just do AAM some days? Weigh the chicken, and know that you can eat and enjoy (even if it's only a incy wincy bit)

Well done for your weightloss to date.
I'm SSing on CD and this is my 5th week.When I used to have cravings, I will not tell myself that I should not eat. I give myself some time. I say in another half an hour's time I'll eat and make my mind up that way. Then the next half an hour I start doing something like, browsing this site or talk to any of my friends who knows I'm dieting or start cleaning the house etc... When the half an hour is over, all my cravings would have gone.

This has definitely worked for me instead of saying I should not eat.
good idea lipotrimmer :)

Im on cd too and crave chicken! just gotta keep your mind on the end result. being lovely and slim and eating chicken whenever u like (in moderation!)

We are hear to whinge to or draw support from whenever u need so use this site. Im on everyday and do well...until i went offline for a couple of days and found myself with a chicken and mayo sandwich hanging out of my face.

So coming here works for me. Ive also become addicted to the scabble blast game in the arcade on this site. that kills loadsa time!

good luck with the rest of ur diet. xxx
I did a few different things when I was craving food:

Fantasy Food - where you imagine what you would eat in some detail down to feel and smell.

Play with your Packs - make crisps and muffins, use the mouse, make ice lollies, sponge puds, split the packs and make mini muffins, add ginger have lattes etc.

Go to Bed - early nights were ideal on two counts 1 - you can't eat and 2 - you lose more weight if you get plenty of sleep

Clothes - Buy an oufit that will fit you when you lose a few lbs. Put it next to your fattest fat trousers and know you'll be wearing it in 10days or so without the food. I wore the same suit trousers but in smaller sizes. I'm an inverted pear (polite way of saying big chest) I started in J Taylor size 20 and finished up in Next stretchy side fastening 6.

Blog - I spent 2 years figuring out why I was overweight, why I ate in response to certain things etc. I think that only by knowing these can I stop them happening again. I'm actually a life coach, but never took on clients with weight loss goals as I felt a fraud. I'm hoping to do so now!

790 - If all less fails go to 790. In theory the losses are just a bit less than SS. But the great thing about SS is the time it goves you away from food. I always felt weight loss was a bit like saying to an alcoholic just the three margaritas a day and that if I could just stop eating it would be fine. The time away from food helps you reassess what it's doing to your life.

Sorry it's such a long reply!
Thanks guys

it actually good to know that i have people to chat to when i have problems with my dieting. Am very grateful for all the advice you all gave me, i have decided to start afresh from tommorrow and i will give it my best shot this time. Pls guys, i will really need your support on this cos i need to lose this weight before my wedding next year.