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Can tinned chopped tomatoes count as super free?

Oh heck. Think I've missed something here. I'm just recording foods eaten in my paper diary, not meals. What's the difference between free foods and free meals?

Passata (seived tomato) is Superfree so I would hope that straight forward tinned tomato with no stuff added would be much the same as passata?
Oh right, I thought that you can eat any of the free foods all day until the cows come home. I'm a bit confused by it, gonna re-read my books and talk to my leader to make sure I'm not making any other big mistakes x
if you look at your free foods list, you will see a section on superfree foods (which are unstarchy vegetables and fruit).

You should try to make all your meals have a 1/3 superfree included, this helps balance out your portions so that you are not overindulging on carbs and proteins. The carbs and proteins on the free food list are still free they are just higher in calories and of course if you are piling up your plate with just those and not enough superfree, you will end up eating over what you body physically needs.

Superfree can be included as vegetables added into sauces, like spag bol and chilli etc, or it can be served as veggies/salad on the side.

You could also fill up with a bowl of superfree veggie soup before meals, so you are not so hungry and again don't overfill your plate on carbs and proteins.
Me too Jaynielondon! I thought they bought in the Superfree as a way to encourage balance on your plate and healthy eating but not sure if it's 'must'. Wonder if 1/3 is by space on your plate or approx weight? Going to email my consultant.


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If youre on extra easy then im told 1/3 of your plate must be super free in order for the meal to be free x x
You're getting a bit confused. The meal would still be free because all the ingredients are free. You do not suddenly need to syn them if the meal does not have one third superfree foods in it. it would just mean that it was not a particularly good EE meal as it did not have an appropriate amount of superfree foods in it. :)


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Am confused now too so are the only snacks on ee superfree foods and sims?
It is recommended that you try and choose superfree foods for snacks but that does not mean that you cannot have free or synned snacks. The odd one or two will not hurt but I would not snack on them all the time.

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