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Can we have a list of drinks we can have?

Someone posted about adding curry powder to the boullion - is this ok? Sounds nice and spicy!
Any leaf tea - but not fruit teas, so peppermint is fine. Also Dr Pepper Zero mmmmmmm, I limit to one glass a day. The Tesco hi juice squash does have fruit sugar in tho, therefore crabs, so I only have one glass a day too.
I also laughed out loud at the above! Im very childish! Oh Im glad I can have peppermint tea, plain black tea leaves a horrid taste in your mouth! Thank You x


That pesky stone crept back.
I bought some really nice tasting Twinings Rose Tea in the supermarket, but am now worried that it is forbidden because it is a "flower tea". Is rooibos/redbush tea allowed?
My saviour is the sainsbrys strawberry and kiwi sparkling water. Has no citric acid, only a trace o everything else and is delicious! I have 1 bottle a day....keeps me going knowing i can look forward to that at night x
Dr Pepper Zero is also okay. As is Coke Zero which was mentioned earlier.

Pepsi Zero is not allowed as it contains citric acid.
Thanks for advice, coke zero is keeping me sane. Does anyone know though if you can count toasted your water intake though? Same with tea and coffee can these be used towards it too. At moment I'm doing water plus the rest
LLC used to say that tea and coffee (anything with caffiene, so coke too) are diuretics so shouldn't be counted towards water intake as it makes you pee more than you drink. Decaff tea/coffee can be counted tho. I don't suppose a few cups would make much difference, but if you were drinking large amounts of normal tea and coffee you would theoretically be dehydrating yourself anyway.
I am counting all liquids including Dr Pepper zero and tea towards my total. That could be slowing down my weight loss. I've just checked the literature and it says drink 2-3 litres still or sparkling water and that tea and coffee can be counted towards your target, but it doesn't mention other drinks.

Also what boullion are you using? Is it just something like the knorr stock cubes or something else which is more tasty. I am really hungry with 3 Exante packs a day and need something else like boullion.

BTW, Dr Pepper zero (my personal favourite) is currently half price at Tesco

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