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Attack Can we have bacon??


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No pork or lamb allowed on attack. No sure what the official line is during cruise but I'd say you should avoid it cos of the fat content. The dukan veterans would know if there's any lean bacon/substitutes allowed...

P.S. As my w/e 'fry up' I grill thin sliced ham/chicken to have instead or have smoked salmon as they're allowed :)
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mattesons turkey rashers are allowed I believe?


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Avoid bacon - the fat, salt (and, in some cases, sugar) content are far too high.
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No problem!! Will just have scrambled egg and then maybe get some turkey bacon for Sunday!

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I don't know if any of you are a "fan" of the dukan diet on facebook but a few days ago they posed the question "what is your favourite dukan breakfast?"

I was shocked at the number of people who said bacon (and not the turkey kind!)


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Thanks for this reminder - I always choose the lean/low salt rashers - but recognise should be avoiding having it really.
I will buy turkey rashers in future.

I try to keep lean ham to a minimum too - have really noticed how salty it is - just use a slice now and then when eating cold chicken - as that bit of saltiness really livens it up - again should really be doing better I know!
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I just looked today when I went to Tesco at the turkey bacon and I'm not sure but I think it was Matteson but in the ingredients in addition to salt it showed added sugar.
Has anyone found any without added sugar?

I know we shouldn't but I picked up some very lean Parma ham with no added sugar.

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