Can you add any fruits to your shakes??


Hi Ya

My CDC told me that I could add strawberries to my strawberry shake and other fruits to make them into smoothies. It was just a passing comment and Im not sure that shes right because surely they would be quite high in carbs.

She also said I could have ordinary sugar free cordial when I asked her about water flavourings. Is this right?

Also Can I chew sugar Free chewing gum?
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I'm not a CDC and I'm sure one will be along in a moment but as far as I'm aware, fruit is an absolute no-no on CD as it contains fruit SUGARS (carbs). As for sugar free cordial - the reason that's also a no-no is that it might contain citric acid which can adversely affect the diet.

I do chew sugar free gum though - although for some people it 'might' start of a food craving as it encourages saliva production and this sends the message to your stomach that food is on the way (which it isn't! :) ) I don't seem to have a problem with it though.

Hopefully someone more knowledgable than me will be along shortly to clear this up and give you expert advice.


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???????? Did she mean you could do this if you were on CD1000 or higher?

I can't believe she was talking about SSing!!!!! How bizarre!!!


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I'm very new to this -one week in.....but even I think NO NO NO!

Just stick to the packets if you are sole sourcing.

Good luck,

If you are on SS the answer to the fruit and cordial is strictly no!

Some people do chew sugar free gum for a few minutes and then get rid of it - just to freshen the mouth. It is not ideal but it shoud be OK on occasion.

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Is this the random counsellor with the boxes of other diet products in her house ?(forgive me if I'm getting what you said about your CDC mixed up with someone else!)

If so, I think you should report her- she's clearly giving very, very bad advice.


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There's nothing more I can add to the advice you've already been given - and I'm sure you've got the message by now anyway :)

As a newly qualified CDC who's been through the CD in-depth training process fairly recently, I'm just staggered that any counsellor would give out such advice to a client. Maybe Kate F has a point, honey ....


Hi Ya

No she isnt the one with all the different boxes in the living room and Yes she did advise me knowing that Im supposed to be SSing as Im going to be starting monday SSing. I thought I would check here because I had a funny feeling it wasnt on!!! To be honest Im gonna run everything she says past you guys because she dosent seem to know what she is talking about.

I cant report her though. It took me ages to find a CDC and I dont want her to have to stop doing it because then she wouldnt be able to get the packs and then I wouldnt be able to do the diet!!

Can I ask if you are able to still take St Johns Wort and Echinecia? I take the St Johns Wort to ward against depression and the echinecia to improve imune system.