Can you carry a pack over?


Got a life thank you!
I only managed three out of four packs yesterday and wondered if I could have the additional pack today as I am still quite hungry (haven't managed much water as I have been on a train for most of today and can't bear the loo's on board) - obviously I plan on doing a serious top up of water but wondered if it would do any harm for me to stretch to the extra pack?
Although you should not "carry over" pack's - like you can with WW points, you can have an additional pack if you feel you need it. This is often the case if you have been using up lots of energy in a given day. A couple of examples would be if you have spent all day shopping or doing house work or if you had done a lot of excercise (I used to have an extra pack if I went out for a run)

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Thanks Nicky, very helpful, I spent a lot of time sat on a train but also spent a good while humping four very heavy cases round with me (I looked like the bag woman), I also walked up all the flights of stairs rather than go in the lift or take the escalators.

I don't know why I am so hungry tonight but I would rather have yesterday's foodpack than go nibbling which is what I am worried about.
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I say if you think you need it go ahead and have it. It won't make an iota of a difference, but dont make a habit of it as slippery slope springs to mind...

You are right of course, it is a slippery slope, which is why I have resisted so far and supped some water to see if that is the reason for me feeling so hungry. I didn't drink a whole lot today so that could be it.